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You Take My Breath Away by Daria

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Daria 36


You Take My Breath Away


Eva Cassidy




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DariaLEVEL 36

Recording information by DariaGOLD

MelisLEVEL 47

Comment by MelisGOLD

I could only DREAM...
of being.... OR singing..
DATS MUH SISSY!!!! ^^^^^

CajunDlightLEVEL 42

Comment by CajunDlight

This is a fantastic performance...
I love this!!!!
Your song makes my day brighter...
Thanks for sharing...
Wtgoooooooooooooo Daria fantastic singing...
Good song...
Awesome job on this song...
0:-) ((((Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz))) *S* Kiss Kiss Colleen

scion06LEVEL 3

Comment by scion06

omg... Daria,, that was so beautiful... i swear that was like watching an angel sing... your amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. totally amazing.... wow.. im blown away with that performance... and you look beautiful... hugs hun.. and thank you for sharing with all us romantics..

Jillian77LEVEL 4

Comment by Jillian77

outstanding job Daria... wonderful singing on this great song... awesome... love listen to this... Rita

Jillian77LEVEL 4

Comment by Jillian77

daylightLEVEL 23

Comment by daylight

Air....I need air..... Wowwwwwww Daria this is so beautiful... Take all the stars from the sky ...They belong to you...Hugss..Graham

Chanda1003LEVEL 53

Comment by Chanda1003


Chanda1003LEVEL 53

Comment by Chanda1003

that was just gorgeous Daria!

LoNoteLEVEL 55

Comment by LoNoteGOLD

Beautiful Sweetie ... you took mine when you appeared in my life !!! Your Daddy ... ~ Lo


Comment by RonnieDmGOLD

Very B..E..A...U...tiful.. smile..

scion06LEVEL 3

Comment by scion06

i came back for another listen... just so amazing... what a video..... wow.. you truly do take our breath away with this... for sure.... thank you for sharing such beauty with your spirit and your voice... hugs to you Daria.... J

tuffymuffin69LEVEL 36

Comment by tuffymuffin69

ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy!! yep your flagged now.. this is soooooo beautiful.. fabulous singing an video performance.... vocals are amazing !!

MaleLikes2SingLEVEL 21

Comment by MaleLikes2Sing

wow Daria....... not only did you sing this beautiful song beautifully, your a beautiful singer singing beautifully, your voice has a softness in it, is and was my pleasure to listen to this song. A most enjoyable listen.

~Chris~ **********************************

redheartLEVEL 2

Comment by redheart