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Maybe Not Tonight by keepsmiling

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keepsmiling 42 & -scott- 50


Maybe Not Tonight


Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan




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keepsmilingLEVEL 42

Recording information by keepsmilingGOLD

ONE Dynamite Duet

Great thanks to my partner Scott! He is such a joy to sing with and his talent is beyond compare. Not to mention he picked a wonderful song!! All that combined with his amazing performance here, just makes my part easy.

Thank you all for listening!

LongrunLEVEL 22

Comment by Longrun

Front row.......

LongrunLEVEL 22

Comment by Longrun

Excellent sing ya'll ~~~~~ ********************GL....... :>)


Comment by JCDGOLD

Amazing individual voices and fantastic blend together. Love the emotion you two put into your singing. I like how you have combined harmony and unison for various parts. Your phrasing is dead on and I love the arrangement. Perfect mix too.

Very enjoyable from start to finish.


Comment by mswolfe

Beautiful song & sing here you two! Enjoyed my listen very much!! Best of luck to you both in the contest!



Comment by Dynamite_Duet_Judge

B E A U T I F U L song choice and a MAGNIFICENT vocal performance . . . A W E S O M E . . . GOOD LUCK in the contest . .


-SuzAnne-LEVEL 76

Comment by -SuzAnne-GOLD

beautiful! just gorgeous!

willis99LEVEL 107

Comment by willis99PATRON

This is an awesome duet you two and your voices are so clear and concise on all parts.....The blending and harmony is GREAT! You also chose an awesome song.....Raymond


Comment by MeemersGOLD

Embrace The Glorious Mess That You Are

Hiya TJ and Scott
I know this is gonna be good Listening...


Comment by MeemersGOLD

Embrace The Glorious Mess That You Are

I knew it Awesome singing U two
Just a beautiful duet!!! Good Luck
to you guys


Oompa-KenLEVEL 55

Comment by Oompa-KenGOLD

imikimi - sharing creativity

Wonderful job on your duet....we both have enjoyed our listens....and we also Thank Everyone whom have visited / listened / commented and wished us Best Wishes on our song as well : "SILENT NIGHT"
Together we wish each and everyone GOOD LUCK in the contest...GOD BLESS and Merry Christmas to all...Hugs Lollymop and Oompa-Ken

-scott-LEVEL 50

Comment by -scott-GOLD

Thanks again for joining me on this TJ!

-scott-LEVEL 50

Comment by -scott-GOLD

Oh man TJ, you are the best duet partner ever
Oh course your vocal is outstanding, but we expect that. Such great control and character in your voice...
What strikes me though, is the timing. You'd think we were in the same room. Man that's fun to see come together.
Thanks again so much my friend. That was excellent!!

aboverubiesLEVEL 7

Comment by aboverubies

Oh yeah this is a favorite out of those I have heard so far in this contest. OUTSTANDING!! WOW so beautiful!

alwaysasmilinLEVEL 10

Comment by alwaysasmilin

A Fantastic duet thank you both for sharing

XcruciatuzLEVEL 12

Comment by XcruciatuzGOLD

May you both have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Wonderful sounding duet. Good Luck .

Smarty_PantyLEVEL 62

Comment by Smarty_Panty

hello friends, this is awesomeee duet, loved it

hipoldmanLEVEL 21

Comment by hipoldman

Wonderful sing here you two! I fell in love with this duet the first time I heard it! Great job on this one! ***Thank You***

Carolinabell5LEVEL 95

Comment by Carolinabell5GOLD

LeeRogersLEVEL 79

Comment by LeeRogersGOLD

great sing here from you both!!

Love this


Comment by JCDGOLD


First Place Winners!!!!!!!