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King Tut by Burnsy

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Burnsy 48


King Tut


Steve Martin and The Toot Uncommons


1 Duet


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BurnsyLEVEL 48

Recording information by BurnsyPATRON

Larry, (Calif-Rednecks-Bro), "Double Dog Dared" me to do this song with my Stac! He knew I wouldn't turn him down! LOL!

But, feel free to join me too, if you like!!!


Comment by MOED


Rene_OldiesLEVEL 32

Comment by Rene_Oldies

You Got My Gold Stars *****5*****
I Enjoyed My Listening ! (-: Rene'

mainelystacLEVEL 50

Comment by mainelystacGOLD

Wow......will ya check out this new stuff? Should I be worried??

Hi ya Baby! Gettin' this done before I go down for my nap! That Larry......this ain't no great big dare! Besides...what happened to HIS version??? Hmmmm??? Well, Larry???? LOL I love you my Baby....wake me when you do!!! LHHWWK!!!

Larry-GLEVEL 45

Comment by Larry-G

Ah , What a stud LMAO :0) You are truly my " go to guy " Dennis :0) ( and I knew you wouldn't be able to ignore the double dog dare ) * grinning * I was doing some Singsnap house cleaning this morning and accidently deleted my recording of this song ! Being a man of honor , I felt it only fair since you met my challange with flying colors that I re-record it , and so I did LoL ... Thank you both for being such great sports , this was great fun ... Larry

Larry-GLEVEL 45

Comment by Larry-G

Sure hope I haven't opened a big can of worms here LoL , and no Dennis ... I am not singing a dolly parton song on cam with a blond wig ! ... Ain't happenin buddy LoL :0) but , we could always give Joe ( Calif-Redneck ) the challange , maybe even " double dog dare him ! " ROTF :0)

PeanutLEVEL 5

Comment by Peanut

Dang Burnsy this was brilliant..
but then your songs are always awesome!!!!!!

love this...Peanut


Comment by GI_JOE

LOL you go bro.
good dare this one LMAO

yeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaw
splendid LOL

cinderella5840LEVEL 12

Comment by cinderella5840

Wooohooo fun song. WTG. ~~SMILES~~


Comment by Calif-RedneckPATRON

Sooooo love this one bud!.......Ya tore this UP!......Some Awesome fun on this one Dennis......... Great Singing here...........Joe

PeaceguitarLEVEL 8

Comment by Peaceguitar