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If God Met You by Burnsy

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Burnsy 48


If God Met You


Tammy Wynette & George Jones


2 Duets


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BurnsyLEVEL 48

Recording information by BurnsyPATRON

My baby requested I do this! But anybody else wants to do it with me, they are more than welcome to!!!!!

velvetmorningLEVEL 3

Comment by velvetmorningGOLD

Great sing... thought I'd share this with you

tweety39224LEVEL 7

Comment by tweety39224

awesome job....wtg

EllenGLEVEL 18

Comment by EllenG

WooooooHooooooooooo...Great job, Dennis...Sounds great!! But, I beg to differ on a woman's!!! I might have to try this with ya...Have to learn it..never heard it before....sure sounds like

mainelystacLEVEL 50

Comment by mainelystacGOLD

Wow......will ya check out this new stuff? Should I be worried??

Hey you sexy thing you! Gonna go and do this with ya!! I love you my sweet baby!!!

cherylcLEVEL 12

Comment by cherylc

Great singin' here.......Tommy called while I was listening to this and said, "What ya doin''s nice outside, why don't you go out and pull the weeds, the trash bags are in the shed"! LOL! Perfect timing for this song! Love ya, Sissy

lollymopLEVEL 52

Comment by lollymopGOLD

hi there I just did this song with you hahaha Hope you like it