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Shea's real name is The Shea Show Woods. The Shea Show is 61 years old and has been a SingSnap member since November 25, 2006. The Shea Show has a total of 92 public recordings that have been viewed 11,915 times and 66 achievement points.

Information Written by Shea 14

Hello, I'm Shea from the all New Shea Show, My main purpose other than to entertain you is to also feature you and share & show the love, a message that I've been preaching since I've been here, I believe in supporting you, my goal is to feature everyone here at singsnap, and since that there over 10,000 members, I guess it's gonna take some time, LOL LOL.

I have a new Page that is set up just for features, you might be there already, when you get time, goto TheSheaShowFeatures and check out if your my guess on The All New Shea Show. If you get time, sign my guess book when your there, thanks

Check out my websites
The Shea show main page
The Shea show feature page 2
The Shea show feature page 1
The Shea show at myspace
The Shea show on youtube

Tighten Up by Shea

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