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reynaldo's real name is Reynaldo  . Reynaldo is located in Philippines and has been a SingSnap member since July 24, 2007. He has a total of 17 public recordings that have been viewed 11,276 times and 77 achievement points.

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(MAY 05, 2013)

I miss you all guys, my old friends and the new ones!

I still see comments on my recordings eventhough I haven't been active here for years.

Thank you so much for all your comments. When I read through them, I can't help remembering the good old days with SingSnap. You just don't know how much I miss you all.

But I would have to apologize if I'm not responding to your messages or comments. I seldom open my SingSnap account due to my work schedule.

I will try to come back. I will just have to save up for new recording gadgets. And I'm still figuring out how to submit my payments for a Gold membership. I'm in the Philippines and I'm not sure how I can pay from here. I don't own a credit card and I'm not planning to have one, it's scary :-\

I've been asking around on how I can pay without a credit card and thanks to those who responded and gave suggestions. I will try those suggestions. When you see my name shimmering in gold... that means I'm back

Sa mga kababayan ko, sobrang miss na miss ko na kayo. Di ko kayo nakakalimutan.

I can't wait to sing with you all again. Soon!!!

(AUGUST 12, 2010)

It's been a while since I recorded here.
I miss my old friends.

Thank you for viewing listening.

You can also visit my channel

(OCTOBER 24, 2009)

Hi guys!

I haven't had any recent recordings coz my voice hasn't been in great shape since i started graveyard shift at work. So instead of singing, I kept my self pre-occupied with 3d animation and I want to share it with you guys.

My cousin Bluetokyo08 conceptualized the story and I executed modeling and animation of the characters. This was supposed to be an entry for a contest but due to typhoons that hit our country, we weren't able to post it on time but none the less we still want to share this with you. I'm proud of it myself if i may say so

Please CLICK on the Image to go to watch the video in YOUTUBE

If the link would't work please copy the link below and paste it in the addres bar and press enter.

Miss you all!!!!



To all my SingSnap friends...

Im sorry if I havent had the time to respond to your messages because of work.

But I really appreciate all your messages! I wish I could get online (and stay online for 24-hours haha) just like before.

To PinoySingSnappers...

Pasensya na talaga kung di ko kayo narereply? Nasa puso ko parin kayong lahat!