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Leopardeyes' real name is Trisia Dunning. Trisia is 30 years old, is located in Maine / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 18, 2008. She has a total of 67 public recordings that have been viewed 9,832 times and 24 achievement points.

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Hey to the world of singsnappers! My name is Trish and I love to sing! though I am not any good, I believe doing what you love will lift your spirits, and others. I also play guitar, harmonica, and some drums. I also love listening to others, and harmonizing with voices that make a recording so heartwarming and send out such beautiful messages. I come from a huge family, most of them being musicians themselves, My dad, singsnap I.D. skipdunning, was a country singer in the past, and was also the one who brought my attention to I now have two amazing baby girls, Marra and Baylie, now 19months and 7 months!!! It's crazy how the time goes by, infact, you will see them in some of my recordings, and on a good day Marra sings too!!! hehe So again, I am back! lol I was even able to get gold so I(we) could join in with my dad and cousin Stacy(Mainelystac) and others and we are loving it! I just hope I don't ruin their recordings too bad, I always said ththat the apple fell too far from the tree!!! Thank you all for being so good to me, I am hoping to make some new friends and sing sing sing!

---I would just like to ask for all of your best wishes and prayers to my newly found journey to being a mother! Labor day i found out that i was pregnant, and i can't wait to be a mom, though i am nervous as well lol. please keep this baby in your hearts as we await his or her birthday! (September 28th 2010) thank you all!----

---I'd like you all to know, if you don't already, hehe, that I was able to give life to a beautiful baby girl april 20th 2010, and she is now over 6months old already! lol She is truly a blessing to me and my family and I will have pictures on here soon! I havnt been on for quite a while now, due to lack of access to a computer but am here now and glad to be back!---

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These girls are my world! They are growing fast, I thank God everyday for having them in my life, and them being safe, healthy and happy! I could not imagine life without them. God Bless us all.