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Fritzy's real name is Fred Gallo. Fred is 92 years old, is located in New York / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 28, 2008. He has a total of 2,723 public recordings that have been viewed 141,090 times and 11 achievement points.

I am an 82 year old year old widower....Served with the 86th Infantry Division in the Philippines during WWII..... Joined the Army at 17...Was a young 18 year old & Regular Army at the time and stayed behind when my Division was deactivated in 1946, to guard Japanese Prisoners of War....Continued my education under the G.I. Bill...Married to the Love of my Life, Ann, for 56 years until she passed on Good Friday, 2007 at the age of 79....Have Three children and 6 grandchildren of whom I am very proud....Retired from my Main Job(New York Naval Shipyard & Federal Aviation Administration) 27 years ago, and part time job 17 years ago...I play guitar, Mandolin, Violin and dabble with a Technics keyboard...
Hobbies are many, including digital photography and music...I'm happy & so lucky to be a member of the singsnap family....It has lifted my spirits, and made life worth-while again... I suppose I should tell you I have Asbestosis Pleural III which is caused by exposure to Asbestos fibers while working on Ships at the Naval Shipyard...When i first came to Sing Snap I couldn't hold a note, but as you can see singing has greatly improved my lung capacity....I still have the lesions and tumors in my lungs but thank God they are calcified and dormant..As long as I stay away from smoking & second hand smoke the doctors say I will be alright... Recently I have joined the Church Adult Choir, something I never thought was possible...Thank You All...Hugggsss Fred.... href="" target="_blank">

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