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Riders On The Storm by MichaelD2606

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MichaelD2606 54


Riders On The Storm


The Doors




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MichaelD2606LEVEL 54

Recording information by MichaelD2606GOLD

Rhonda_KayeLEVEL 89

Comment by Rhonda_KayeGOLD

Don't worry, be happy!

Love this song and haven't heard for awhile!

Don't ya love those long breaks? lol!

Your sing is mighty fine and Happy Friday!

lindy_annLEVEL 94

Comment by lindy_annGOLD

Here listening

lindy_annLEVEL 94

Comment by lindy_annGOLD

Another awesome song choice and another awesome vocal delivery. Your lower tone sounds really nice on this song.

Enjoyed my listen once again have a great evening


countryfan1959LEVEL 65

Comment by countryfan1959GOLD

Hey Michael! Haven't heard this song in a long time! You sound wonderful!! Yep..those long instrumental parts are so much fun! Not!! Your facial expressions kept me entertained. I was laughing...just when I needed to !! I would have changed my song choice! I'm not that patient!! Loved it!!

Mark49LEVEL 73

Comment by Mark49GOLD

I think and have my own OPINION. It's Not LEARNED, It's EMBEDDED!

Never was that big of a Doors fan.
I do like this one though.
A very stylish sing.
Very smooth.
Most Excellent


Comment by starlite12GOLD

HI picked another great song for your voice...perfect!

Gutbuster_HammerhandLEVEL 71

Comment by Gutbuster_HammerhandGOLD

Picked another of my favorites......
You have a habit of picking songs that are perfect for your voice!
Great Job!

Michaelccdd54LEVEL 76

Comment by Michaelccdd54PATRON

To all my South Florida friends. Your invited to my 70th/71st birthday party on May 1st around 2PM.

here listening
Yep this was a biggie in the 60s
and you nailed it for sure
one of your best.


Comment by Kamfam_LJWT

hey mike
doing well
now I'm intrigued to see what happens in the middle here
oooohhhh your voice has got very very good


Comment by Kamfam_LJWT

turning up the volume
loving my listen


Comment by Kamfam_LJWT

lol you needed a cross word mike to keep you entertained


Comment by Kamfam_LJWT

bet you were thinking
ive never been so happy to see lyrics
but you really aced this song
top notch vocals
well done
hugs tess

LilliaLEVEL 85

Comment by LilliaSNAP-STAR

This song is so appropriate right now, we're dealing with floods, yay lol Excellent job on this song, I love the Doors and you did a fantastic sing on this! Have a great weekend!