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Lurifax 8 (harmony)




Leona Lewis


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LurifaxLEVEL 8

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I have added lots of harmony's to this one. Best way to hear is to listen to the raw backing track or.. just injoy

Search For A Super Star - Finals
Round Three: The Demo Tape - Pre-Recording

You passed the audition, you have sold us your brand idea and you have won over the crowd with your live performance. Now we want a demo tape to pass on to the big wigs at a big record label. We want to take you from Indie Artist to Superstar. For this round, you will be making a 3 song demo EP. You will need to come up with a title for your CD, a front cover and back cover design for the CD ( which you will display in your comment section)and your recording page background and font should be formatted to tie into the theme of your album. Your three songs will consist of 1 pre-record, 1 judges choice and 1 fresh recording. You will need to make your songs into a 3 song playlist and post the playlist link as your final entry.

CD Artwork - Original size - Use link below
Sinuous - Playlist

Most of my song are back in 2009 and 2010.

Thanks for listening