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Jealous of the Angels by lisaluvsky64

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lisaluvsky64 75


Jealous of the Angels


Donna Taggart





lisaluvsky64LEVEL 75

Recording information by lisaluvsky64GOLD

I originally sang this for my momma...but now this song has become a part of my life as well as my 4 sisters lives. When any of us feel down...we can call one another and listen to this song. The song has brought the 5 sisters so much closer. We all have an extra close bond cuz of this song

my Mom passed away 2 years ago (June28, 2018)
I really miss her

I still messed up on parts, but its as good as its gonna get....until I can stop crying thru this song


Comment by Timothy2PATRON

My friend,,,,,,,,,,I am so sorry to hear about your mom,,,,,,,,,my dad passed in 2005,,,,,,,,,I was devastated,,,,,,,,he had a massive heart attack in the middle of the night,,,,,,,,,,,he had seen his doctor a few weeks before,,,,,,,,,and everything was okay,,,,,,,no one in my family,,,,,,,,got the chance,,,,,,,to say goodbye,,,,,,,I had prayed for him,,,,,,,,for years,,,,,,,I was heartbroken,,,,,,,,,,and so depressed and even numb,,,,,,,,for 6 months,,,,,,,,,these things are so tough,,,,,,,,,my heart and prayers go out to you,,,,,,you are not alone,,,,,,,,,,,The wonderful HOLY SPIRIT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,is with you,,,,,,one day,,,,,,,,you will see your sweet mom,,,,,,,and yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,a beautiful sing here,,,,,,,I am sure,,,,your mom,,,,,,,,,,will love this,,,,,,,,,,GOD bless you,,and your wonderful family,,,in the mighty,,,,and loving blessed name of JESUS,,,,,,,,


Comment by TGWestGOLD

Sorry for your loss thank you for the contest I know that you're mom is proud of you &
she's listening and I enjoyed my listen today Mile High special prayers to you and yours in this time of need contestants Tony and Cindy


Comment by RJR201NJGOLD

Lisa. I can't believe you were able to sing this so soon. A very beautiful heartfelt song and sing.


Comment by GreeneyedkatGOLD

I have never heard this song before so I thought it was best to hear it from you.. the one with the passion for this song... This is a beautiful song... No time for me to learn this for your contest...


Comment by GreeneyedkatGOLD

Songwriter Jenn Bostic -