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Let It Be by Sherrie

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Sherrie & LordoftheStrings 52


Let It Be


The Beatles




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Recording information by SherrieGOLD


LordoftheStringsLEVEL 52

Comment by LordoftheStringsGOLD

Yes, much much better! You sounded fabulous, my friend. I enjoyed sitting back and listening to this. Its one of my faves too!

Thanks for joining me, Sherrie. That was one fine performance. Come by anytime and join me on my tracks. I would appreciate that. Have yourself a lovely evening. G'nite!

DejaHereLEVEL 57

Comment by DejaHereGOLD

Sherrie ....this is a beautiful rendition! Just gorgeous... and WOW LordoftheStrings, what a brilliant track you laid down. I am so excited to hear another top shelf musician. It adds sooo much to any piece. Sherrie I'm thrilled you shared this.....Fantastic!

Cheers to you both!

candyoLEVEL 63

Comment by candyoGOLD

It is one of the most beautiful songs ever written......and you are singing beautifully.

candyoLEVEL 63

Comment by candyoGOLD

not sure i can pick you out lord of the strings...............are you just so seamless?

candyoLEVEL 63

Comment by candyoGOLD

Holy Crap Marie, is that really you? are way good.

Crooner1LEVEL 69

Comment by Crooner1GOLD +2

"Always keep a song in your heart!". ??????

Hey guy's mighty fine sang'n and playing here! I enjoyed my listen. I likee this and brings back lot's of memories! :O)

qtkat_2000LEVEL 63

Comment by qtkat_2000GOLD

This is a Jam..... for Duet/Jams playlist.....

Excellent sing Sherrie......

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Comment by MiaPiaMauGOLD

Wow this is good, and the guitar work with you is so good too...I don't know this lordofstrings, but you so really gooooooood Bravo...