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Misty Blue by Silkenfire

Playlist "2019" Created By Silkenfire:

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Silkenfire 51


Misty Blue


Dorothy Moore




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SilkenfireLEVEL 51

Recording information by SilkenfireGOLD

I was happy to find this on featured today since it's one of my favorite songs to sing but I had to really think about whether or not I could do it with the chest cold I'm rapidly developing. Then my "what the hell?" took over and I did it anyway. It actually sounds a bit better when I'm raspy... who knew? lol Anyway, this is my best stab at it for now.

Thank you for spending a while with me!

JamminJanLEVEL 48

Comment by JamminJanGOLD

Misty Blue is such a beautiful song. I hear the beginning of your chest cold coming on but I agree with you, and like that raspy sound.

I enjoyed my listen very much.

JamminJanLEVEL 48

Comment by JamminJanGOLD

Okay, listened to it again and decided that I just might need to try this one myself. Love the words and I hadn't heard it in a very long time.