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You Light Up My Life by TDC

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TDC 104


You Light Up My Life


Leann Rimes


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Recording information by TDCPATRON

Music: a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination & life to everything

Eight years ago I went through multiple back surgeries and a very evasive neck surgery. I was horrified to find that after the neck operation I had totally lost my soprano voice. I was deviated. About a year had passed, alone in my secret grief, a good friend on an art site directed me to SingSnap. My kids encouraged me to start singing once again. But I was so scared and was lost and alone in the dark, really, about just what I could ever do with this terrible singing voice I now possessed.
Then there was someone there for me. Someone who gave me hope to carry on. Someone who said, hey I love you. Someone who encouraged me and became my friend. This someone was Torchie ( Mike) very first real friend on SingSnap. The first person who told me to keep at it. The first person to dare duet with me. He gave me hope to carry on! He literally lit up my life ~ Filled my nights with song ~ and he still does to this day!
Now it's time for me to say "Hey, I love you" back! Not the kind of love between a husband and wife, but a deep, treasured Christian Love! This is my way to honor his friendship and belief in me, even when I was trying to find just what my voice was ~ so long ago ~ Seven years now!
Without his love and honesty, his encouragement and good heart, I never would have tried to sing another note! For that, I owe him all my love and I honor him with the dedication of this song!! You, my darling friend, Mike, TRULY LIGHT UP MY LIFE!!
TORCHIE & TDC'S First Duet together:

SalaliLEVEL 65

Comment by Salali

One great story and song for your friend ////Enjoyed my listen ...Trish ...

torchieLEVEL 52

Comment by torchieGOLD

good morning sweet Sheri"""""' awww I feel so blessed havin you as my dear friend"""""" you've always made me feel 10ft tall and bullitt proof"" and now as down as ive been again you have lifted me up"""oh myyy here comes the waterworks"but theyre happy teers"""ty ty ty sweety pie"""sendin my Love and HoHoHo hugggyzzz, mikey xxxxx, I was readin the rules and as always im confused"" help""""lol


Comment by -Zen-

Awww so beautiful a dedication.

idabbLEVEL 75

Comment by idabbGOLD

Hello... Great Sing ... And a Great write up... Loved
It.. And you found a Great Song.. Your Friend ....IDABB.

Liezel_0318LEVEL 52

Comment by Liezel_0318

Awesome song and singing Just lovin it I enjoyed my listen
Goodluck in the contest , Liezel

babygirl3LEVEL 88

Comment by babygirl3GOLD

Darlin .. Love this song.. and it sure is a Pretty one to dedicated to him..
and You sound just Gorgeous !~ And It really was a pleasure to come
and hear this evening.!!~You chose a great song for a friend.. and sang it from the bottom of your heart. Beautiful touching vocals !!and Yep Keith sure has given me some best days on snap too.. This is so relaxing and lovely !!So sorry for all that you've had to go through Darlin~~ God Bless you~~ Big applause for this heartfelt performance !!!!! Hugs, Meredith




Hello dear Friend........................Listening
.....................Good Music Brighten My Day.....................
WE Love Listening to others .Try to get around as often as we can

So glad to hear you singing today. Always Love to stop by

Singing so enjoy my stay... Mighty fine Sounds here.

May you have a wonderful Night, Wish you a Merry Christmas
keep singing Brings joy to all

Your friends { JOHN & TRISH }

joe_nea1924LEVEL 91

Comment by joe_nea1924GOLD

hey Sheri

I totally loved your story

it brought tears, and you are so very blessed

to have been sent Mike through our loving father

you have such a beautiful voice, heart & spirit

and thank you so very much for sharing this

part of your life with us.

I loveeeeeeeeee this

joe_nea1924LEVEL 91

Comment by joe_nea1924GOLD

I can relate to you somewhat, about your voice

mine wasn't through surgery tho,

about 5 1/2 years ago we went to Captain D's

and I ate a hushpuppy and got strangled really bad & almost had to call 911

and ever since then, I have had so much yukkk going on with my throat

and I constantly have to cough to clear my throat

and my voice just seems like it wont ever be what it once was

and that's why I have gotten so discouraged about singing everyday

like I once did.

I have thought of leaving ss all together., but something keeps dragging me back here

thank you again for sharing this

hope you have a blessed week


FlyAllenLEVEL 57

Comment by FlyAllenGOLD

Hello Sheri! I love this song and you my friend sang it beautifully. Hugs, Allen

misswillieLEVEL 64

Comment by misswillieGOLD

I love am enjoying your performance

misswillieLEVEL 64

Comment by misswillieGOLD

now i am singing with you

misswillieLEVEL 64

Comment by misswillieGOLD

you put your all into this one....... i loved it

KimandTerryLEVEL 98

Comment by KimandTerryGOLD

What a wonderful story and dedication,sensational songs,Love it and you

Sugarandspice27LEVEL 72

Comment by Sugarandspice27GOLD

I looove your song just really goes so well with your dedication! When I was reading your story, it brought a little tears to my eyes, because I could really feel with you. I was so happy to read that you continued singing, although your voice sounds different now. But you know what, no matter what voice you have, you can never loose the ability to sing straight from the heart, touching other hearts...and that´s exactly what you do! I think you sound fabolous! Loved your performance!!


Comment by A_TxCowboyGOLD

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!!!

Lovely sing here on this great ole classic tune**********
You sure nailed this one beautifully my friend!!!!!!!!
I enjoyed my listen!!!!!!!!!!!!

HightonesLEVEL 63

Comment by HightonesGOLD


Comment by Draymax

Good evening m'dear,
As you know, I know the road you took with your surgeries as I took the exact same one, and darned if I am still not on it!!
I can hear the meaning you put to each and every word of this song, and your power is strong which lends strength of control to your singing. I think I have to hear this agai, because the story you paint with this song is so vivid. evokes the same feeling the second time!! I have really enjoyed my listens here with you this evening.

gregsmoothLEVEL 79

Comment by gregsmoothGOLD

simply a beautiful song my friend ,, love the feeling in your vocals

Goliath63LEVEL 56

Comment by Goliath63

Please pray for us to find a home by Feb.

Hey, Sheri. You DO have red hair. LOL I wasn't sure after that Marilyn number.
Sorry to hear about you losing your voice. I know that must have been rough. I lost my voice for about a month last year (right before I sang We Shall Behold Him) and it tore me up. I'm just glad God was gracious enough to let me have it back. TYL!
I have enjoyed getting to know you in the PMs. You seem like a wonderful person and I am honored to know you.
This is a great dedication. LOTS of emotion in this one. I'm sure Mike is very happy when he listens to this one. WTG! MYDW!