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Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got) by Rutly

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Rutly 63 (harmony)


Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got)


The Four Tops


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RutlyLEVEL 63

Recording information by RutlyGOLD

I chose this song because I was given a task in a contest to metalize a song that is not a rock song. Aside from rock the old R&B sound is what I love to sing the most. So to get to add my own guitar part made this one a lot of fun.


Comment by BBeverlyssGOLD

… W0W … This is a TOP WOMAN !!! & a GREAT MAN singing 4her * TOP U*



What the heck is going on?

Man ! That was grrrrreat ! should be on cd, would surely get me a few copies just incase truly awesome my friend

Sally_KLEVEL 84

Comment by Sally_KGOLD

Hot daum son !!
What you did to Motown !!
This was much more than "metalized" my friend!!

This stage is on fire!!!

That woman has made an impression on YOU rock star!!!!

Sally_KLEVEL 84

Comment by Sally_KGOLD

Over the top as usualy my sweet friend!!

You have taken this to levels that will never be reached again !!

Superb playing and singing!!

That is all........

******* *******

Hugs & Smiles

a_god_sLEVEL 111

Comment by a_god_sGOLD

Bah humbug!


a_god_sLEVEL 111

Comment by a_god_sGOLD

Bah humbug!

oh... I would have never thought to tear this one up.

a_god_sLEVEL 111

Comment by a_god_sGOLD

Bah humbug!

Your vocals are on point!

I love it when you play! You got skillz!!!


Comment by GreeneyedkatGOLD

You are lucky you can play guitar!!! I have to pretend

broncogirl53LEVEL 84

Comment by broncogirl53GOLD

This challenge is right up your alley! You picked a cool song and I love what you have done with it!! Sounds like a hit to me!!


Comment by GreeneyedkatGOLD

LOVE LOVE this!!!!

DaBratttLEVEL 102

Comment by DaBratttGOLD

I know that this is gonna sound a bit cheesy but my husband selects this song from the jukebox at the local watering hole every single day! Oh yeah and The Ghetto by Too $hort... He is quite the charmer! You really knocked it off the charts! Always a pleasure hearing your music! Metal or otherwise! Excellent performance Brutha

Outnumbered321LEVEL 85

Comment by Outnumbered321GOLD

*knuckle-bump* Awesome job on BOTH tracks my friend!
Very cool...a great song to begin with!
Your making me wanna join YOU!
Love this....thanks for sharing!

steelyjanLEVEL 79

Comment by steelyjanGOLD

wooooo I LOVED this. Great song choice and totally killer vocals. You are fantastic on guitar. This was superb and a dynamite listen from the first note to the last. Darrel you just simply ROCK!!!


Comment by NatashaR03GOLD

All kinds of Awesome!!!
Listen to you Jam.... \m/
You got Mad Talent LOVE thisssss


Comment by KliffSityGOLD

Trying to make this work. So far yuk...!

Rock'n some Motown here Rutly! Fantastic transformation from soul to kick azz Jammin Bro! I should of broke out the drum kit. lol... Only wish I would have picked up a guitar in my younger days. Hope the weekend rocks!!

impetuousdaveLEVEL 48

Comment by impetuousdaveGOLD

So awesome!! And the guitar was so great too, nice touch!!!

Your musical talent is so freaking obvious!

AudioWraithLEVEL 63

Comment by AudioWraithPATRON

Big D! Super job on the ax bud, really made some metal out of this one!! Great stuff my man!!

AudioWraithLEVEL 63

Comment by AudioWraithPATRON

-Veronica-LEVEL 81

Comment by -Veronica-GOLD

I had to listen a couple of times, this is awesome!

Outnumbered321LEVEL 85

Comment by Outnumbered321GOLD

Love that tone....