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Wonder by mArVee3903

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mArVee3903 71


2000s 0 - Ballad






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mArVee3903LEVEL 71

Recording information by mArVee3903GOLD

This was my favorite sing of 2016 and my first original lyric and interp as sang while writing it with the SingSnap Band. Its been in my head the past few days, so I am sharing it again.

Did You Ever Wonder?
Exactly What I’m thinking
Cause if you Ever Wonder
All You got to do is Ask
Cause I’ll tell you exactly
What I’m thinking
Blue as the sky
Gray as the pavement
Green as trees
Clear as the Wind that blows by
I will clearly get the message to ya
If you just listen
Never mind How I might Try to say it
Never mind how it comes out
Just remember
I don’t always mean it like it sounds

Drove by your house last evening
I saw there was just one light on
I couldn’t help but remember
You know what I’m talking about
I get Blue every time I remember
The times
I remember the times
I can’t forget them
Though I try
And The Time it just passes by
As I remember the Times


There is just something about the Moonlight
That brings you right
To my mind every night
It is like Magic
In the Moonlight
Every time I sit on the porch
And I look through the window
And I see that one light is on
I can’t help to remember
The Many times I helped you up the steps
I just can’t forget
All those times you come staggerin in at 2 am
And I was just happy you’d arrived
That you’d found your way back
You finally found me
You finally found me
I been sitting here right here
I been
Written by Jane S aka mArVee3903 sep/01/16 copyright ©

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justghettoLEVEL 81

Comment by justghettoGOLD

They call me Parking Ticket, because I have Fine all over me!@

XBillmanXLEVEL 57

Comment by XBillmanX

This was great, nice lyrics, Good luck..

mumsLEVEL 44

Comment by mums



Comment by ImaChristian2GOLD

Time to shed my winter fat and show off my spring rolls. LOL!

hi what a lovely background!


Comment by ImaChristian2GOLD

Time to shed my winter fat and show off my spring rolls. LOL!

Very beautiful! Great work! Best of luck!


Comment by charliemayGOLD

beautiful words,loved this xx charlie


Comment by -Chez-

Lovely vocals and very creative lyrics loved it
Best of luck

wranglerLEVEL 92

Comment by wranglerSNAP-STAR

awsome singing on this song, i sure enjoyed it. 5************************s hugs DON


Comment by BarbaraMariaGOLD

here to listen!


Comment by BarbaraMariaGOLD

very pretty...great lyrics and wonderful performance! good luck to you!

havingagoLEVEL 83

Comment by havingagoGOLD


Intriguing captivating beautiful lyrics. Impressive creativity. Really nice melody. Loved it.

wellfieldLEVEL 69

Comment by wellfieldPATRON

Waiting in the shadows for a more professional recorder,in today's modern age we expect better.

Real nice original job here!!!!!!!

rkingkaraokeLEVEL 98

Comment by rkingkaraokeSNAP-STAR

well I haven't started my official listening to anyone yet...
I'm just here to update the list...
check for banners & recording dates ....

But I love originals & the SS House Band...
& I had to peek at your lyrics quick & I LOVE THEM!!
Pretty page design too!

I'll be back!

Loretta_GraceLEVEL 63

Comment by Loretta_Grace

GIRL!!!!! That was really awesome!!!!!

Fantastic job and good luck in the contest