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Goodnight Sweetheart by Angelina48

Playlist "Angie & the Oldies" Created By Angelina48:

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Angelina48 14


Goodnight Sweetheart


The Spaniels




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Angelina48LEVEL 14

Recording information by Angelina48GOLD

Is anyone else having cam trouble?
Mine has suddenly decided to go stop-action:(
I'm having problems with skipping, too.

This is for the Everyone's a Winner Favorite Things Showcase.
It runs until Jan. 6th. You are all invited.

I LOVE doo wop:) The original of this one sounds like guys on the corner.


Comment by SandysongbirdGOLD

Hi Ange! I haven't noticed the video problems so much...but the skipping is messing up the duets I've tried lately, and driving me batty!!!


Comment by SandysongbirdGOLD

I sure am enjoying your singing!!! You sang this wonderfully...great song for you!!!

pinkrosebudsanLEVEL 23

Comment by pinkrosebudsan

Hi Angie !

pinkrosebudsanLEVEL 23

Comment by pinkrosebudsan

As far as I saw, it looked fine on my end ! And enjoyed your singing on this song.

GlorihaLEVEL 63

Comment by Gloriha

Awwww! This was lovely! You sounded so good and looked great :>

I didn't notice any problems on this end.

walkingstickLEVEL 29

Comment by walkingstickGOLD

You sound divine here Ange!

If you don't do it yourself
I may have to make my own playlist
of your oldies songs
as they are simply some of your best.

And you are looking fine fine fine too.


DreamerGirlLEVEL 9

Comment by DreamerGirlGOLD

No skipping on my end...everything went swimmingly! Loved this, Ange! :-))

WhistlemanLEVEL 6

Comment by Whistleman

Sung very well. I'm impressed by the way you sang this oldie but goodie. Perfect!!!! Good listen.

GlizzieLEVEL 8

Comment by Glizzie


GlizzieLEVEL 8

Comment by Glizzie

Really a delightful ditty and super performance, Ms. A...

I give it five Z's!!


Comment by fofunGOLD

I hear a cousin in there I think. hehehehe Cousin Bowser! LOL I love this old doo wop tunes, you bring out the best of them here Ang!!!


Comment by fofunGOLD

<--sings da bass while listening!!


Comment by fofunGOLD



Comment by Sonsi

You look and sound so welcoming, Angie! ... even though the song says goodbye a LOT ! LOL
Waving at Mike up der !!
Skipping ? arrrrrrrrrrrrrg ... sorry to hear the skipping monster have reached ya

Anyhow, i will agree with Deb, this oldies are perfect for you

KittenKatLEVEL 25

Comment by KittenKat

Oooooh, love this!!! You're sounding just wonderful on this song!! One of your best!!

bbettyLEVEL 46

Comment by bbettyGOLD

I just go all mushy when you sing the oldies...just so's so great listening to ya!

hugs and...

Have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!