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The Long Black Veil by Sing-n-thing

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Sing-n-thing 42


The Long Black Veil


Lefty Frizzell




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Sing-n-thingLEVEL 42

Recording information by Sing-n-thing

Hello my SS friends... hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas !! My voice is not what it should be, but I couldn't wait any longer... ... hope you enjoy this sad song...:-).... Alberta


Comment by Smitty10066

A great song for this evening. This was fantastic singing. I enjoyed my evening listening.


Comment by cujo_usmcGOLD

Humble And Kind

Good evening Ms Alberta, this is a great old classic you chose to sing for us here my friend, beautiful but sad one. You did a fabulous performance with it my friend. Loved it. Florida stars your way *****5 Larry


Comment by sissy39GOLD

Hello Alberta.. I sure like this song and you did a mighty fine job singing as well... I enjoyed my listen my friend...Sissy

HariLeeLEVEL 3

Comment by HariLeeGOLD

Airborne...Sounding and looking great, Alberta.

HariLeeLEVEL 3

Comment by HariLeeGOLD

One of my favorite songs and your version is stellar.

HariLeeLEVEL 3

Comment by HariLeeGOLD

Ya got me tappin' and swayin'.

HariLeeLEVEL 3

Comment by HariLeeGOLD

Hope you had a great Christmas.

HariLeeLEVEL 3

Comment by HariLeeGOLD

I like the way you are singing this song. You rock, girl.

HariLeeLEVEL 3

Comment by HariLeeGOLD

Love that accent. It fits this song perfectly.

HariLeeLEVEL 3

Comment by HariLeeGOLD

You nailed this song perfectly sending it floating thru those hills on its way to the stars.

HariLeeLEVEL 3

Comment by HariLeeGOLD

Enjoyed watching and listening to your fantastic performance. Have a great evening and SUPER NEW YEAR!

WandaMarieLEVEL 67

Comment by WandaMarieGOLD

Hi Alberta,,,
so glad to see you singing again,,,
don't go away for so long at a time,,,

snuffysmittLEVEL 36

Comment by snuffysmittGOLD

mighty well done

wellfieldLEVEL 69

Comment by wellfieldPATRON

Still hanging in here....hoping the recorder get up to par with 2021 technology.....Miss everyone...

One of my favorite old Country Classic Alberta!...and I also loved how you did it!.....nice to see you're still sane after having the kids over at Christmas!!

SteveMontgomeryLEVEL 15

Comment by SteveMontgomeryGOLD

Wow a great classic you sound great 5*****

BonniegirlLEVEL 14

Comment by Bonniegirl

Gosh, what a tell or not to tell, that is the question...sigh...

How sad, Alberta! Whew!
And you sang it so pretty, too!
Thank you for your visit and your very kind comment today...they always warm my heart!
Was great to hear you sing, and I hope you have a wonderful year ahead!

God bless!


Comment by jeanseeley

morning Alberta ... sounded wonderful !! i couldn't get on last night we got rain and then the computer goes out .... loved this you did GREAT ... we had a quiet Christmas, just us two, went for a ride and each our 3 boys called and i called my mom ... great job on this song you sounded wonderful to me ...... hugs Iva

FirstKnightLEVEL 44

Comment by FirstKnightGOLD

Hello Alberta...GIRL THIS IS JUST A FANTASTIC SING!!! I haven't heard this sung in a long time...thanks for the memory Darlin'!

FirstKnightLEVEL 44

Comment by FirstKnightGOLD

LOVE IT!!! :o)

fireball_tim_35LEVEL 74

Comment by fireball_tim_35GOLD

You Sure Sounding Great Alberta My Friend Sending My *****INDIANA ***** For You Have A Wonderful day God Bless Love & Hugs Tim what A Great Voice & A Pretty Head Of hair