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Superstar by sandman1229

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sandman1229 (harmony)




Luther Vandross


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Recording information by sandman1229PATRON

Here is my submission for round 3. I can't thank my friends enough who helped to put this together. "No man is a failure who has friends" (It's A Wonderful Life) How true this is. I hope you enjoy this.

Which genre do I consider to be my strongest? Well from the ones we had to choose from I would have to say Pop followed very closely by R&B/Soul. Pop because it encompasses different styles including some of my favorites like Michael Buble and others.

Audition Round Link:
Genre: Rock

1st Round link:
Genre: Country

2nd Round link:
Genre: Pop

This round:
Talking only link:
Singing Link:

HD Video Link:


Comment by Madion09

TOTAL PERFECTION DAVID...The Video...The Song...AND YOU...THE TOTAL PACKAGE!!!!!! Standing Ovation and Loud Applause.


Comment by SABOL

Phenominal Job!! Very Professional Looking Video, Beautiful Vocals! The conviction in your voice was Heartwrenching. Standing Ovation to You! Best of Luck to You!! **********


Comment by Madion09

And yes...the emotion and passion in your voice is heartwrenching...You are such a PRO!!!!!

o2baladyvolLEVEL 29

Comment by o2baladyvolGOLD

Wow emotion packed for sure!!! Your vocals are spot on and the video tells the story in just a soft way and THEN, there she is!!! Wow!!!! Love it!!!


Comment by cheniliGOLD

FANTASTIC. Aw, the sad ending. COME BACK!! Come back! She's there! Drama drama drama! Love it. Great monologues. Love the texture of your voice.
SO well done.

OHlittleredheadLEVEL 53

Comment by OHlittleredheadPATRON

AWESOME Mr. Sandman...........Now this is beautiful.........Loved your video, U can tell it was well thought out........Vocals gorgeous as always........
GOOD LUCK........ So far Top video here for sure!!!!
Love it.......... RED

MistyBlue32LEVEL 22

Comment by MistyBlue32GOLD

Beautifully shot video, to your emotional vocal.

MitchcLEVEL 16

Comment by Mitchc

Love the look and sound amazing!

CJsmithLEVEL 25

Comment by CJsmith

that was great good luck and congrats on the top 10 how exciting

SunflowerAimLEVEL 33

Comment by SunflowerAim


SunflowerAimLEVEL 33

Comment by SunflowerAim

Wow, bravo! That was incredible, dude!

aqtrcowgirlLEVEL 103

Comment by aqtrcowgirlSNAP-STAR

You all have a goodun ...outta here for awhile :)

Good Morning
That was really good one of the best so far
Loved it .. great song choice and vid!!
Good Luck

jackiesunflowerLEVEL 71

Comment by jackiesunflowerGOLD

Hey guys i'm back...i'll be playing catch up asap.

wow this is absolutely stunning!!
total quality!! great video! what good taste!!
man what a voice!! let me check your last round video!!
congrats on the top 10!
best of luck, hon!

jackiesunflowerLEVEL 71

Comment by jackiesunflowerGOLD

Hey guys i'm back...i'll be playing catch up asap.

ps: the ending is unexpected. fab

JoiaRoxLEVEL 29

Comment by JoiaRox

I am just...SO super proud of you. ALL of your entries have been absolutely incredible, and I'm not sure I've commented prior to this (I apologize!).

JoiaRoxLEVEL 29

Comment by JoiaRox

Sheer brilliance, my friend! From your gut-wrenching vocal to the performance, the intricate details, the story...WELL DONE!

trampexxLEVEL 7

Comment by trampexx

This is fantastic!! It`s perfect!!! Everyting about this is amazing, your beautiful sing, the fantastic touching video, it`s spotless, can`t get any better!!! Good luck

SallyBLEVEL 17

Comment by SallyB


What a BRILLIANT performance this is!!! Absolutely beautiful vocals and the video is stunning.


Wishing you the best of luck. Really, REALLY impressed here.

Take care,


Comment by _SAN_

This is total coolness right here!!!! Man, you really brought it! Perfection!!!!!


Comment by DarkDreamer

David you definitely rose to the occasion!

Your vocals are Outstanding....and so convey the feeling in the song. Add your video and you pull us right in your heart wrenching story and we feel every note and lyric!

Pure Excellence!

BRAVO and Good Luck!