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How Wonderful You Are by MLP

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How Wonderful You Are


Gordon Haskell


5 Duets


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Recording information by MLPGOLD

Let' all celebrate the end of 2020!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

This was a request from Only-A-Fantasy, and I can't think of a better song to use as my last one here, at least for awhile. I've said before that I'm here for the music, and always for the music. But when other things start getting in the way of what it is I want to do, it's time to re-evaluate. This has been my place to escape, play and dream......and it's just not working anymore. There's other priorities I need to pay attention to right now.
I'm sorry for all the requests I didn't get to, all the promises I didn't keep, and all the duets that I never got to listen to! I'm really going to miss the all fun and great people I've met here. All my songs will remain up and open....please feel free to enjoy. Thank all of you much!


Comment by peggyjoyGOLD

This is wonderful, too. You'll be missed, M.

SouthernHoneyLEVEL 71

Comment by SouthernHoneyGOLD

I want to thank you for all the amazing music u have shared.. I feel honoured!!,...I love ya & your awesome talent...I wish you the best of everything!!..much joy & success in all u do...Please come back when u can & feel in clined to~!!..I have enjoyed your SAX so much!! ;0) I will miss that...Remember Me!! (^0^) as the one who loves your SAXiness~! oxoxooxoxoxo THANK YOU SO MUCH!




SouthernHoneyLEVEL 71

Comment by SouthernHoneyGOLD

Another awesome performance~!!
I miss u already! ;0(

SouthernHoneyLEVEL 71

Comment by SouthernHoneyGOLD

How Wonderful you ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment by sdingusGOLD

you are a wonderful man..and i sure appreciate all you have done for us here..what a talent and i can sure understand you needing a break from it...We all adore you and will miss you and will be awaiting you return someday..thanks you for all your wonderful music my will be missed..hugs and smiles and a great new year for you...sheila


Comment by jamminjoeGOLD

I have been here with you MLP for a long time, I will be here when you return. I am very proud to have shared the same stage with you, I enjoyed it every so much.

Take care my friend,

Your friend Joe

iampearsLEVEL 45

Comment by iampearsGOLD

Thanks, MLP, for sharing your time, music and incredible talents with us. You'll be missed but we understand...priorities change. Your open tracks will continually be enjoyed by many.

Happy New Year!


Keith_CrawfordLEVEL 47

Comment by Keith_CrawfordGOLD

Thank you MPL for all the enjoyable hours you have given us with your awesome and outstanding talent....You are a gentleman and you will be missed....I don't even think I left a comment on any of your recordings, sorry for that but I've been listening very quietly and enjoying everything you done for the past year and half....wish you all the best....God Bless....Keith


Comment by Little-Bit-IrishGOLD

well.... truly you shall be missed....for how ever long...
you may have to take to get things,,done else where...
but you will miss it here as well...and so dont be afraid to just drop in...when it hits ya...
after all... here theres no stress... no clock...
just letting it flow...and sharing with those who so
enjoy your company...
hurry back mdsf...yer awesome...
hugzz Donna

magicmann0LEVEL 49

Comment by magicmann0GOLD

well you have brought beauty to the stage and to my ears my friend... I will still visit your songs here and other places... I am glad to have "stood on the same stage", so to speak, as someone as talented and giving as you...
Thanks for being here and Godspeed in your recovery...
I look forward to other ventures with you...

Donte2211LEVEL 64

Comment by Donte2211GOLD

Great Performance MLP MDF!!! Enjoyed my listen very much MDF!!! YF, Donte.

joppathehutLEVEL 27

Comment by joppathehut

OH NO.... say it isnt so. !!!!!!!!!!! Well dear...its been a blast and I thank you for your contributions to our music. Singing with you has made me feel just a little more special.... like I'm *somebody*. Good luck to you in your new ventures !!!

joppathehutLEVEL 27

Comment by joppathehut

Dang....when it plays for me...the track is ahead of the lyrics !!

MsTakeLEVEL 85

Comment by MsTakeGOLD

Whole new world here. It's gonna take some time. Happy 2021 to YOU!

Oh gosh, I hope you're swearing off is just temporary. I know how it can be... and you've gotten in over your head I imagine. Everyone wants a piece of MLP. Well, you've left us lots of good stuff. THIS very much included. Lovely playing. Much love. Have a great 2011. Don't be afraid to just sing or blow and turn off comments. You are great! Just recording here is a gift.

Frederica_HarrisLEVEL 39

Comment by Frederica_Harris

Thank you MLP for adding that special touch to every song you play. I too will miss you. I have drifted off to sleep many nights listening to your magical sax and flute. You always take me away to that special place that even Calgon can't take me. lol Thank you so much for the opportunities you have given me to sing along to your lovely music. I feel very sad that you are leaving us. The lights are a little dimmer here in SingSnap land tonight. With the news of your leaving, my heartlight too has become dimmer. I will always look for you here to see if you stop in from time to time to share your remarkable gift with all of us. You have touched all of us in so many different ways. I wish you the best in all that you do.

With Love,


Comment by Tove_SophiaGOLD

Do you know how wonderful you are ?... it's just a sad day for me... now I just want to leave the show too... if we can't share the music with each other out here... what's left then ??... I am just sad.. and selfish I guess... but we don't know what we loose until we lost it ....
It's a beautiful song .. and you put your magic on it ones only you can do it M... The stage is yours .. and it will remain yours .... and the lights will only be turned on when and if the sound of a flute or a horn will fill the air again ........... Thank you for everything M ... you gave more than you can and will ever know ... Thank you... your fan always.. Tove

You always treated us like notes in a melody.. always ... Thank you M.. Thank you xoxo

SunseekerLEVEL 31

Comment by SunseekerGOLD

Hi MLP, So sorry to see you are not going to be around for now. I hope you will return soon, as you have really contributed to this sight in a really big way. Not only have you tirelessly provided beautifully performed duets but you also have added your own performances which have also been great to listen to. I wish you the very best in whatever you may pursue and hope that it will have something to do with music as you certainly have the talent.

God bless. It has been a special privlege to know you and perform with you here. Ray

captgio2LEVEL 43

Comment by captgio2GOLD

No ! NO ! say its not so MLP We love your playing too much it has caressed our hearts and souls you cannot be replaced! While you are away God Bless My Friend in all your new endeavors.. Gio ..... Please hurry back!!!!

G2notesLEVEL 22

Comment by G2notesGOLD

Oh M........ No! Have we kept you too busy? What will I do without you, now that you've spoiled me!

This is beautiful as always! Wow..... I'm so sad M.......
But at least I've got your music here to keep enjoying.