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The Needle And The Spoon by joejoe1

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joejoe1 2


The Needle And The Spoon


Lynyrd Skynyrd




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CharlieinaboxLEVEL 46

Comment by CharlieinaboxGOLD


As joejoe would say we got yur needle right here buddy lol Woooooooooooooooo mighty fine sing bruddah !!!
Stars to da moon man **********************
************************ Awesome sing here !!! Wooooooooooooo:o)

joejoe1LEVEL 2

Comment by joejoe1

hahahahahah THATS RIGHT BUDDY LOL LOL LOL. I loves me some skynyrd. I had tickets to see them at the spectrum when the plane crash happened. BUTTTT i caught the reunion tour at the spectrum(in philly) and it was FANTASTIC. They did FREEBIRD last and i honestly hate that damn song its like stairway to friggin heaven hahahah BUT they just played the song and ronnie van zants little brother WHO DID ALL THE SINGIN DID NOT SING. It was in tribute to his older brother WHO HE SOUNDS JUST LIKE. BUT it was a concert to AMEMBER forever.