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On My Knees by twhit

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On My Knees


Jaci Velasquez




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twhitLEVEL 15

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2011 End of the Year Vocal Championships: Round 5

My Inspiration - this song for this round was supposed to be about what inspired you or lifted you up; something to show what you believe. When I think of songs that will tell my listeners how I feel or what I believe, I can't think of anything else to say except that I put everything in the Lord's hand and I'm thankful for each day and each gift that is given from Him.

I got married 16 years ago and after 8 1/2 years, I found myself in a situation that wasn't what it was supposed to be; not what I thought it was supposed to be. I tried to fix things on my end the best I could, but it was finally time to just face the truth that the man I married really did not love me. I left him and after that went through a few relationships that were just the same as the marriage I had left. I tried to cope and do things to make my life work the way I wanted it to. After a lot of heartache and despair, I decided that there was nothing that could be done and I just wanted to leave the world as silently and unnoticably and I was living in it. I mean, what good does it do to live in a world where you are not loved? After an unsuccessful attempt, I dropped down and prayed to God, asking why He would allow me to remain here without feeling any of the love and emotion that I so wanted to feel. Through my tears and anguish I heard a small voice saying "Tracy, I love you.". I realized at that moment that God is the only one who can make things right and it was my job to accept what His plan was for me, even though I may not know what that would be.

Everyday I pray; whether it is for something small like just to have a good day, or whether it is big like working some kind of miracle for someone close and dear to me. I pray that He will in some way make me an instrument to work through the hard times and show my joy in the good times. I'm thankful for the day that He wouldn't let me go and I'm thankful for my life, my friends, my family, and everything that He has provided for me.

This song means so many things to me because of the trials and tribulations I have been through as well as the good times I've been a part of over the last 5 years or so. I don't think that there is any other place I could go than On My Knees to know that whatever the day may bring, I will be able to handle it.

I hope you enjoy my song; thanks for listening.

rockchic6LEVEL 3

Comment by rockchic6

That was so beautiful I lay back, relaxed & fell asleep... even got a brief moment without pain... please may I buy your cd... I'm not kidding about relaxing that much... thank u... love & light... Mikki

rockchic6LEVEL 3

Comment by rockchic6

I just read what u'd written... I wish I didn't know what you're saying... I've been there... my father called me gutless after hitting that point, last Dec... faith, my belief, kept me here... I applaud your courage & strength... U ARE AN INSPIRATION! & light... Mikki

jackiesunflowerLEVEL 71

Comment by jackiesunflowerGOLD

Hey guys i'm back...i'll be playing catch up asap.

beautiful inspirational song you chose!! new to me!!
catchy and emotional!!
i read your story and i see your pain. can relate to that somehow. i kindda gave up trusting any human being as for a love relationship. yep, also in God's hand.... may God give you the strengh and motivation you need and support you in the rough times...
best of luck, dear!!
golden stars

jackiesunflowerLEVEL 71

Comment by jackiesunflowerGOLD

Hey guys i'm back...i'll be playing catch up asap.

ps: sorry to say this, dear, but i think you deserve a better mic to do justice to your great voice. some people have fancy settings but not a rich gorgeous voice like yours....
anyway i can hear your emotion and gorgeousness!!

MichaelCagleLEVEL 39

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keepsmilingLEVEL 42

Comment by keepsmilingGOLD

Just now getting around to finishing up listens from this round!
I love JV.....she has some beautiful songs!!

You nailed this!!!

-PeachieLEVEL 103

Comment by -PeachieSNAP-STAR

I never got a chance to listen last round so catching up today. Wonderful job!!!