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Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again by Darladebae

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Darladebae 78


Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again


The Fortunes





DarladebaeLEVEL 78

Recording information by DarladebaeGOLD

special thanks to David and Rena for bringing this to my attention love the song and their rendition so much so I had to sing it myself....ty guys and thanks to all who stop by for a visit hugs ~ D

Rena-DavidLEVEL 3

Comment by Rena-David

Awwww Deb, this was Outstanding as we both knew it would be. You have such a beautiful voice....

An awesome 5***** performance our dear friend.

Thank you for the sweet comment up above as well...

Rena and David


Comment by magz22GOLD

Have made some playlists, if you would care to listen just click on playlists have a nice day :)

Hi Deb

not heard this song in ages!!!! LOL!!!....

love hearing your beautiful voice mf..... this is just lovely

Hugs xxx

jarhead_b4LEVEL 64

Comment by jarhead_b4PATRON

YOU ALWAYS DO SUCH A GREAT JOB ON THESE. I have to keep coming back to them over and over...If you have 100 views you can bet half are probably mine.

shirerifLEVEL 100

Comment by shirerifGOLD

We;re having a rainy day here in North Idaho and it's taking all of our snow away... Thank God... Great song Deb.. another fantastic sing.. not one note out of order. Fantastic. Luv what you do Hugs and stars comin' atcha from the cold cold northwest.

singingsister57LEVEL 105

Comment by singingsister57SNAP-STAR

Deb, I was taking care of some things around the kitchen that needed cleaned up before hitting the hay and I remembered that I didn't listen to one of your songs tonight....I mean this morning. I just picked one that I like and thought you'd do a great job on this one. I thought right.

singingsister57LEVEL 105

Comment by singingsister57SNAP-STAR

I love this. Then again, any song you sing you sing wonderfully. I like how you do your little announcement at the beginning of your songs. lol Seriously, it draws us into the song and into your feelings....your world. God bless you, my friend. Thanks so much for all your concern, love and prayers for me and my family. I wanted to say all that not to embarrass you, but to let everyone know what a good friend you have become. I'm sure they all know you care for your friends, I just wanted to acknowledge it here.

Nitey nite...for real this time. lol

DarladebaeLEVEL 78

Comment by DarladebaeGOLD

awwwwwwww Jewels.... thank you so much you made me get all teary eyed.... I do love all my friends here and consider you one indeed... I love this place... and all y'all
thanks for that great comment too big hugs ~ Deb