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Rocky Mountain Way by MAXMUSIC

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Rocky Mountain Way


Joe Walsh




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Recording information by MAXMUSICGOLD



Comment by SpQQkieGOLD

Currently living under the influence of good music. ??

Couldn't pass this up!
Your #1 song is my #1 favorite from Joe Walsh!

This must be one fantastic contest, because I'm loving what I'm hearing!
A great performance, Max!
Wishing you tons of luck, my friend!



Comment by Agent_Coulsen

Powerin' up for some Walsh...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DawnNeptuneLEVEL 96

Comment by DawnNeptuneGOLD

At times, I fit into lyrics more then I fit into life!

Gonna get my rockin Blues fix from max!!!! I already am excited as I listen. You just get me ever time. Such a joy to listen too. You are exceptional. Love this!!!

AliceFayeNelsonLEVEL 65

Comment by AliceFayeNelson

Been a longg time on here.Miss singsnap!God Bless

maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! man this is soooo freakin great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!totallly on point omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im blown away! this is just killler! im lurving it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what a fabulous voice u hav and rock at that! ...i luv it ! this is aces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!shizzzzzzzz! i never dreamnt me n you would be contesting to the bitter end!! doll! im roooting 4 ur second place! hehe....jk ....u rocked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AliceFayeNelsonLEVEL 65

Comment by AliceFayeNelson

Been a longg time on here.Miss singsnap!God Bless

smashed the luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gumpyLEVEL 64

Comment by gumpyGOLD

My favorite Walsh tune too! Used to be a favorite back in my bar band days, the two guitar players used to have big solos and I could step back and let em go!!! gave me time to drink one real quick! lol Sounded great on this brother! Good Luck in your contest!!!

Andym363LEVEL 55

Comment by Andym363PATRON


Mnd1027LEVEL 60

Comment by Mnd1027GOLD

Lovin' that grit!! Man, you are sounding great!! Killin' it!!

Andym363LEVEL 55

Comment by Andym363PATRON

Hi Max great rocking sing MF spot on all the best been great hearing you in contest enjoyed my listens.


Comment by Rachel_BrownGOLD

Being from Colorado I am feeling right at home with your rocking version of the Rocky Mountain Way ~!!!!

CorinnaFLEVEL 80

Comment by CorinnaF

LoveStreetLEVEL 67

Comment by LoveStreet

hell yeah! doin it in the original key? you are a rockstar!!!! this fits your voice well! --- its like they knew! this

mystikangel999LEVEL 79

Comment by mystikangel999GOLD

Good song! One of my old favorites...and sounding great here!!

ght0327LEVEL 80

Comment by ght0327GOLD

WOO Hoo Charmer Everyone Gonna Love her

I had Fun with this to Max!! LOL Sing it Bro! FUN FGUN FUN Song to Sing !!! Ya YOU Did it UPPpppppPPPPppppp Right ... When ya Get Time