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Simply Irresistible by merlestheman

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merlestheman 62 (harmony)


Simply Irresistible


Robert Palmer


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merlesthemanLEVEL 62

Recording information by merlesthemanPATRON

I picked this song as my favorite for 2018 because I have always loved Robert Palmers work. this song in particular was a huge challenge. the timing was extremely hard to master. I worked hard on it and I am very satisfied with how it came out.

Robert Allen Palmer (19 January 1949 – 26 September 2003) was an English singer-songwriter musician, and record producer. He was known for his distinctive, soulful voice, mix of musical styles on his albums, combining soul, jazz, rock, pop, reggae, blues, and sartorial acumen. He found success both in his solo career and with the Power Station, and had Top 10 songs in both the UK and the US.
His famous music videos directed by British fashion photographer Terence Donovan for the hits "Addicted to Love", "Simply Irresistible" and "I Didn't Mean to Turn You On" featured identically dressed dancing women with pale faces, dark-eye makeup and bright-red lipstick, which resembled the women in the art of Patrick Nagel, an artist popular in the 1980s. Palmer's involvement in the music industry began in the 1960s, covered four decades and included a spell with Vinegar Joe. Palmer received a number of awards throughout his career, including two Grammy Awards for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance, an MTV Video Music Award, and two Brit Award nominations for Best British Male.


Comment by rockymountain54GOLD

Great job my friend great song and sing hitting the lib and sending you stars good luck the rest of the way

1bluangelLEVEL 71

Comment by 1bluangelGOLD


Way to bring it home!!
Awesome performance

This is a family show so I won't make my swanky comment, oh and Great harmony!!

Super fantastic cover!

Just_SherryLEVEL 89

Comment by Just_SherryPATRON

I AM NOT GIVING UP.... I AM NOT GIVING UP!!!! Beta I am gonna get you yet!!!

WELL WELL ...... You have outdone yourself right here darlin.... Way to close out the show!
YOU HAVE MET EVERY SINGLE CHALLENGE and Slammed it each time !! You my dear are so talented and creative.
So proud you were on my Team... You never ever disappointed . Applauding you all the way ....
Gosh I am sad the show is coming to a close.... WTG


Comment by oocindylouwhoGOLD

Well Jim I think you found your inner rocker, my friend
This was a fantastic vocal performance and so much fun to
listen to!! I have really enjoyed all your entries in the contest.
AWESOME JOB!! d my listen and good luck! Hugs, Jan


Comment by A_TxCowboyGOLD

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!!!

LadyHeathersingsLEVEL 84

Comment by LadyHeathersingsGOLD

YOU SO ROCK DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this song and loved your cover. Totally impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Havealwaysloved2singLEVEL 74

Comment by Havealwaysloved2singGOLD

Awesome sing here Jim! Loving that rock sound and you've really got it man! I thought I'd try my hand at some classic rock a couple of months ago and it turned out alright for me too. Pushing the envelope is fun. Great performance here my friend! Best of luck to you!

Shoreline_GirlLEVEL 88

Comment by Shoreline_GirlGOLD


Comment by JakeLegendGOLD

Hi Jim ... and twin! ... ohhh yes this is coolio!! .. never heard this song before but you surely have waken up the rocker inside of you! .. im sure those headless swinging sisters on the background helps ya to stay awake .. you totally own this song from the start and you surely have brought your A-game once AGAIN! .. i swear .. .. this song has been written for the wrong singer .. COOL and AMAZING job my friend! .. I thoroughly enjoyed my listening to you as usual!! #8

alanhack46LEVEL 92

Comment by alanhack46SNAP-STAR

Great song choice, sounding awesome my friend, absolutely love this Jim, fantastic job

RachelRae8LEVEL 111

Comment by RachelRae8SNAP-STAR

Melody1958LEVEL 64

Comment by Melody1958

Mel & Clive have listened and scored

blue-nightingaleLEVEL 104

Comment by blue-nightingaleSNAP-STAR

Thanks so much for my Snapicons Platinumfilly hugs & love

Good evening Jim,

It's been great hearing your latter song entries for this fun event

Sherry has picked a superb song for your wonderful voice

Wooohoooo rock it to me!

Great job, good luck hugs and much applause Jackie

Toni324LEVEL 82

Comment by Toni324GOLD

Ooooo yeah! Fabulous singing on this one, Jim Glad the BG worked out for you

jennygLEVEL 96

Comment by jennygGOLD

Well, you do know how to sing rock music, and you also know how to rock every song you sing, Jim!!! This was simply incredible!! Very expressive, and I loved seeing you sing with heuu.. the other gentleman who was looking very much like you lol Wonderful performance indeed!! Loved it all!! Bravo!

velvet1LEVEL 53

Comment by velvet1GOLD

Very nice Jim.
Very entertaining.
You made it twice as nice.
Great performance.
Should score well.
Good luck and take care.

freddybruceLEVEL 101

Comment by freddybruceGOLD


singsing4lifeLEVEL 81

Comment by singsing4lifeGOLD

omg!!!! blast from the past!!!! I was a Robert Palmer girl for Halloween in the 80's hahaha wow!!!! you are doing incredible with this!!!!! not easy to pull off but the two of you
did a remarkable job!!!! this was so entertaining and your vocals are perfect!!!

SunshineLEVEL 100

Comment by SunshineGOLD

Hi there! Well first let me applaud you for going outside your country "box" cause you and second....fabulous song choice!!!!

Sherry knows her stuff for sure and you definitely have some "rock" in you my friend and it looks so good on you! You did a fantastic sing on this Jim and your friend up there isn't bad either! ha! Another hit for you in this contest and you had me singing and rocking right along with ya! Just an outstanding sing from you and I so loved my listen!

Always wishing you the best of luck....


DrsWoodardLEVEL 105

Comment by DrsWoodardSNAP-STAR

Good Morning MSSF, We're here listening and loving what we are hearing. Thanks for sharing,
Listening In Puerto Vallarta
Nancy & Maurice