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Gone Too Soon by LeeRogers

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LeeRogers 79 & JCD 96


Gone Too Soon


Michael Jackson




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LeeRogersLEVEL 79

Recording information by LeeRogersGOLD

(This is Novella typing...)

This is a tribute to our SingSnap Angels who left this world this year. It may also include previous passings that we just found out about. Our hearts are heavy as we remember these amazing voices and precious souls.

A very big thanks to JCD and LeeRogers for not only lending their voices to this beautiful memorial but for also working together in creating the video. Jane has her own mountains to climb and she still put her heart and soul into this. We're very thankful for you both and for our entire community. Those with us and those who have moved on....

Rest In Peace Angels...

- Novella

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NovellaLEVEL 111

Comment by NovellaSNAP-STAR

Life is short. There is no time to leave important words left unspoken.

You are both amazing for doing this for our community. You also sound like angels. This is stunning and brings a tear to my eyes. Masterfully done. What a tribute...

Anastasia_RLEVEL 102

Comment by Anastasia_RGOLD


SweetLittleOneLEVEL 94

Comment by SweetLittleOneGOLD

What a wonderful commemoration. You're voices sound beautiful together. I can feel the emotion put into this song. The Singsnap angels are surly smiling listening to this beautiful sing. Thank you for sharing this.

-TinaLEVEL 109

Comment by -TinaSNAP-STAR

Just Lovely ..

Anastasia_RLEVEL 102

Comment by Anastasia_RGOLD

What a beautiful tribute!!

Xana5252LEVEL 19

Comment by Xana5252

im out of words...
i can just say awesome and take a bow...

BrendaK6042LEVEL 21

Comment by BrendaK6042


GolamLEVEL 32

Comment by Golam

SingingRainbowLEVEL 108

Comment by SingingRainbowSNAP-STAR

Thx for your concern, we will be hosting again soon.. (Still in lots of pain) we miss you all! xoxo

Jane & Lee , thank you for this beautiful & touching tribute to our Singsnap angels. They will all be missed greatly. This tribute brought me to tears. So many of our friends have earned their heavenly wings this year. May they all rejoice in that big choir in the sky. Beautiful you two!! Just beautiful xx Gone too soon but never will they be forgotten.


Comment by SNUGGLES-10GOLD


LuckyLadyGLEVEL 99

Comment by LuckyLadyGGOLD

This is absolutely gorgeous you two! I had to come back and listen several times - it's so beautiful. Listen to those angelic voices singing in tandem. I hope that this continues every year in tribute to those we've lost in SS.

SadieBabesLEVEL 111

Comment by SadieBabesSNAP-STAR

Lovely gesture Lee and JCD

RoseL6557LEVEL 111

Comment by RoseL6557SNAP-STAR

Such a beautifully touching tribute, wonderful video & emotive duet !!

rakshawLEVEL 49

Comment by rakshawGOLD

Very Touching indeed!! WE SHALL REMEMBER THEM! Thanks for sing this song! When I sing it , it brings comfort for me when I am missing my son that left me! God Bless

ButterflySueLEVEL 69

Comment by ButterflySue

Beautiful memorial in song

trojan55LEVEL 111

Comment by trojan55SNAP-STAR

I'm a fool every month ..

What an amazingly beautiful tribute, lovely duet & mix of touching voices !!!!
All *************************s - Rich

Awesome video ..

sweetmareeLEVEL 79

Comment by sweetmareeGOLD

RIP Fredericw and Shannon-Anne and all those that have left us this year. Moving tribute, Jane and Roger.

BoneybonLEVEL 100

Comment by BoneybonGOLD

The Music Goes On.....

So lovely, rest in peace everyone, and sing with the angels !!

_Cathy_LEVEL 90

Comment by _Cathy_

Beautifully sang


Comment by pbirdGOLD

What a precious contribution to our SingSnap community. Your voices join in beautiful unison, so lovely that I cannot imagine this duet being excelled by professionals.

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