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Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Phyldill

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Phyldill 65 (harmony)


Let Me Call You Sweetheart


Bing Crosby




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PhyldillLEVEL 65

Comment by PhyldillGOLD

Beth has a load of goodies on her profile page where she is singing harmony and the lead must be added. I listened to this oldie where Beth had sung one harmony line only. I did another harmony line and the lead and enjoyed it so much. I must have sung this oldie a thousand ties over my lifetime. lol

Thanks to Beth for making such a unique page for listeners and those who like to sing with harmony.

pati12LEVEL 92

Comment by pati12

lovely on both parts enjoyed it hugs******************************


Comment by Sandy-LyLaGOLD

RIP Richard 1143 1943-2021 you are missed my friend.

Hello Phyllis,
So nice to hear you again....your harmony is wonderful with Beth's lead...
Always a pleasure to hear my friend.Love these old tunes...

Hugs Sandy


Comment by RonnieDmGOLD

Super Cool Sounding GREAT Y'all... Wow.. ...
......... God Bless ALLways.. ...


Comment by RonnieDmGOLD

ps.. Neat Memories 2.. One of My Uncles Lived NEXT DOOR to Bing in His Northern Cal House.. ..


Comment by JetGOLD

Hello Phyllis and Beth...
I always find this song so nostalgic. You have all the good reasons for singing this goldie oldie several times coz it's a pretty song that brings back good ole memories.
Now here, it sounds beautiful with 3 voices.
This is another lovely addition to the Phylharmonics album that I enjoyed very much.


Comment by soon_to_come

ohhhhh my MY ....I am so loving this Phyllis! ..... you are so full of harmony!


Comment by soon_to_come

I am just sitting here soaking all this in....


Comment by soon_to_come

I know what you mean about working to get that "one" note just right.... it's like putting the finishing touches on a painting that sets it apart.. anyway, that "true" word is totally is the rest of your lead and harmony on this sweet song. Thank you so much for helping to fill up my need to hear beautiful harmonious music! You are such a blessing! ..hugs..


Comment by soon_to_come

I appreciate what you said about my page up there... but all those songs mean nothing without a finished product and you have done that awesomely!

daddiotenorLEVEL 35

Comment by daddiotenorGOLD

Good song,one of our singing valentine tunes.Great harmony very nice smooth performance!!

abbeyonieLEVEL 82

Comment by abbeyonieGOLD

This is so beautiful ,love the harmony, Hugs and Fondest Regards Audrey x


Comment by billy-jepGOLD

Hello Phyllis...this sure is must be so nice to find people to sing harmony with you are both fantastic...a great listen this morning...have a wonderful day...,hugs billy

AngeLottaLEVEL 65

Comment by AngeLotta

Hey Phyllis and partner here listening

AngeLottaLEVEL 65

Comment by AngeLotta

Beautiful Waltz

AngeLottaLEVEL 65

Comment by AngeLotta

Beautiful harmonies beautiful singing from you all
you all sounds gorgeoues together
Looooooooooved my listening
thanks for sharing this beautiful performance with us
Beautiful vocals
Wish you all a Beautiful Blessing Day Hugs Lotta

MarneyLEVEL 53

Comment by MarneyGOLD

Oh my.....Phyllis & Beth.....
This is absolutely beautiful.
The notes coming through my headphones are a joy and a thrill to hear.
A totally wonderful treat for me today.
Thank you both.

phonepatLEVEL 66

Comment by phonepatGOLD

Oh the lower lead...the blend is perfect....this is such a neat old song....a beautiful waltz.

Lovely job Beth and Phyllis...I throughly enjoyed my listen...