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Collide by DaBrattt

Playlist "Fav Fan Rnd 3 bonus song" Created By rkingkaraoke:

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DaBrattt 102 & bronco_152 48




Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock




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DaBratttLEVEL 102

Recording information by DaBratttGOLD

MineGoesToElevenLEVEL 66

Comment by MineGoesToEleven

New song for me any I'm enjoying your collaboration. Your voices sound good together and I enjoyed listening to your performances today.

BonnieK4506LEVEL 97

Comment by BonnieK4506PATRON

February 14'th. My 5'th year here. It's been lots of fun! Amazing place this SingSnap!

Super nice duet! You both did a fantastic job on this cool tune!

Loved my listen!


CurlyshirleyLEVEL 99

Comment by CurlyshirleyGOLD

Listening to the Bonus Songs Play list Round 3

Tricia you sure picked a good partner to sing this with.

You both sound great on this duet.

Lv Shirl.

jaderottie63LEVEL 88

Comment by jaderottie63GOLD

Wow This is Great you guys Lovin It
Beautiful song I 'll have to learn this song
Great sing here and Partner Melanie

-pjays-LEVEL 65

Comment by -pjays-

WOW ...THIS IS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL ARTIST'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ************************************************************************************************AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! BOTH FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! PJ

-pjays-LEVEL 65

Comment by -pjays-

HAD TO LISTEN TO THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!************
****************************************************************************************************LOVE BOTH OF YOUR VERSION ABOVE& BEYOND!!!!


Comment by Agent_Coulsen

TrochilidaeLEVEL 108

Comment by TrochilidaeGOLD

Gorgeous!! You both rendered this so beautifully.. Beautiful voices and I enjoyed so much my listen.

Happy month of love.

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Deth_BroncLEVEL 91

Comment by Deth_BroncGOLD

digging the hell outta this

Deth_BroncLEVEL 91

Comment by Deth_BroncGOLD

i liked this alot

rkingkaraokeLEVEL 98

Comment by rkingkaraokeSNAP-STAR