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The Music Of The Night by djp5050

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The Music Of The Night


from Phantom Of The Opera




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Recording information by djp5050SNAP-STAR

God Help This Country.... gotta pussy and a commie in the white house....

SS Singing Tourney Season 10, FINALS, "Broadway genre" my pick....

GemsingerLEVEL 19

Comment by GemsingerGOLD

ooooh!! Each song I hear from you gives me goosebumps. You sing this 100 times better than Michael Crawford! Wonderful singing Dan... absolutely superb.

Nora_xxLEVEL 29

Comment by Nora_xxGOLD

oh my goodness! Sat here with my eyes closed and felt every word. This is amazing! You have such a wonderful gift.


CactusRoseLEVEL 13

Comment by CactusRoseGOLD

Thinking About Coming Back !

.....fantabulous tenor-ness going on...........wonderful clarity..........beautiful DJ.........

SmooshLEVEL 21

Comment by Smoosh

Dan, no comment I can write will do justice to the absolute beauty of your performance. You brought it for the finals my dear! This was amazing... fantastic... mesmerizing ! *****

joppathehutLEVEL 27

Comment by joppathehut

as i sit before the stage, watching the performance, a tear rolls down my cheek.................... your voice touches my heart. Thank you

mj301515LEVEL 81

Comment by mj301515GOLD

Well Done!! I can always listen to you sing!!! Love ya!!

sweetalohaLEVEL 5

Comment by sweetaloha

I love love LOVE this song, and you just knocked it out of the park... Gorgeous vocals... Bravissimo! :)))

prplestrzLEVEL 11

Comment by prplestrz