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Just A Gigolo by TC_Fields

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TC_Fields 37


Just A Gigolo


Louis Prima




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TC_FieldsLEVEL 37

Recording information by TC_Fields

hahaha merry christmas
Dont forget to Track Santa

Festivus is a secular holiday celebrated on December 23rd. It was created by writer Dan O'Keefe and introduced into popular culture by his son Daniel, a screenwriter for the TV show Seinfeld[1][2] as part of a comical storyline on the show. The holiday's celebration, as shown on Seinfeld, includes an aluminum "Festivus pole", practices such as the "Airing of Grievances" and the "Feats of Strength", and the labeling of easily explainable events as "Festivus miracles".
Celebrants of the holiday sometimes refer to it as "Festivus for the rest of us", a saying taken from the O'Keefe family traditions and popularized in the Seinfeld episode to describe Festivus as "another way" to celebrate the season without participating in its pressures and commercialism.

TC_FieldsLEVEL 37

Comment by TC_Fields

Thanks mystery viewers!!!!

judycravensLEVEL 8

Comment by judycravens

hahahaha....loved this one tim..thanks for cheering me up !!!!

walkingstickLEVEL 29

Comment by walkingstickGOLD

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I've been wishing people at work a Happy Festivus all day today! LOLOL

walkingstickLEVEL 29

Comment by walkingstickGOLD

Been a long time since I stopped by one of your songs
so I had forgotten what a wonderful singer you are!

This is a fine treat to listen to you sing this
and a fine way to put me into a good mood.


HAPPY FESTIVUS to you toooooooo!

And no Airing of Grievances needed on this page
cause this is great stuff!
In fact being a bit of a Scrooge sometimes
I would say that the smile this has put on my face
is a Festivus MIRACLE!!!

Thanks Tim, for the delightful earful this Festivus.


PhilBabyLEVEL 27

Comment by PhilBabyGOLD are fabulous! Flagged...flagged...and then flagged

walkingstickLEVEL 29

Comment by walkingstickGOLD

^^^ Hi Phil! :))

This was so much fun I'm back for another listen.

SpookyLEVEL 24

Comment by Spooky

Hey Tim ............. I don't believe it for a minute ......... you ........ a gigolo? ......... never ......... lol ........... as always a spectacular sing my friend ......... Merry Crimbo to you and yours ........ luv Spooky Claire x

Btw loved the dancing .......... they should have asked you to do the dance part in Pulp Fiction x ha ha

Crystal_VisionsLEVEL 10

Comment by Crystal_VisionsGOLD

LMAO this is what you sing at Christmas hahahahahahahahahahaha

Yes you are ! You wacker !

Crystal_VisionsLEVEL 10

Comment by Crystal_VisionsGOLD

I think you have had more to drink than me

Wanna help wrap presents ! LOL naaaa you sing ..... I'll wrap !

Crystal_VisionsLEVEL 10

Comment by Crystal_VisionsGOLD

oops forgot the stars

TonyTrotterLEVEL 9

Comment by TonyTrotter

LOL . . . Wonderful!

This is a tough song to pull off. You did it masterfully!

Great Performance! Do you sing professionally? You have a polish that sounds professional or semi-professional to me.


walkingstickLEVEL 29

Comment by walkingstickGOLD

This SOOOO rocks
that I had to come back to start my day with this song too.

I am just LOVING it! :))))))

did you know that if you look at that lovely pic of you the wrong way
it looks like silhouette of a hunched over rat looking out the window?

LOLOLOL. You certainly look great in the photo
when I view it properly
but several years ago when you used this pic
my first view was of the wee rat silhouette hahahahaha!

SingingFloyLEVEL 36

Comment by SingingFloyGOLD

Man you have one of the most amazing voices i've heard on the internet, if not for real!!

I just hope i could nail a song and make it look as if it were completely effortlessly!! well no doubt that you delivered it in an awesome way and you even look like you're just having fun even while "scatting"

definitely HOF material for me! *****BRAVO*****

*gone to nominate this recording*

wildcrafterbLEVEL 53

Comment by wildcrafterbGOLD

Have a beautiful Easter Day!