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Be My Baby Tonight by BarbieLynn65

Playlist "Duets with memebers" Created By BarbieLynn65:

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BarbieLynn65 36 & NextNashvilleStar 10


Be My Baby Tonight


John Michael Montgomery




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BarbieLynn65LEVEL 36

Recording information by BarbieLynn65GOLD

LMAOOOOOOO..Jerome this was fun..Thank you..U are a riot..LMAO...just don't grow up to be a fuddy duddy like me and u will have it made..LOL.


Comment by DIMMPLES

lmaoooooo @ your comment thats sooo true momma lol.......... you fuddy duddy lmao hehehehhehe this was hot hot calinte guys woooooooooooooot!


Comment by DIMMPLES

i like the pic you put up your copping him with the hand in the same spot lmaoooooooo heheheheh tell him momma !!!!!!!! tipical man lmaooooooooo they dont listen lol............. great song!


Comment by DIMMPLES

no she wount shes married lol.......... lov ya momma this was great guys and fun!


Comment by DIMMPLES

im first heheh wooooooooooo hooooooooooo loving it!i had to check agian see if i was lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

LaurieRoss_Fiddler1LEVEL 22

Comment by LaurieRoss_Fiddler1

get it girl!!! I like this song this song on you!!!

TexasAngelLEVEL 33

Comment by TexasAngel

Awesomeeee job you two!! loved this lol You tell him Barbie lmao


BarbieLynn65LEVEL 36

Comment by BarbieLynn65GOLD

LMAO yes amy u were first second therd fourth,, you..mauhhhhhh MOM.

Thanks Fiddler..yeah Jeromes great I love singing with him..LOL

Rocker_GirlLEVEL 60

Comment by Rocker_GirlGOLD

Creativity is speaking. Hoping I can answer it

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "No I won't, go home" LOLOL You're hilarious girl, what you talkin about fuddy duddy. geeesh!!! This was one awesome rockin duet you two! Yes, another one by the two of ya's! I am lovin it! Fantastic =D

-Ana-LEVEL 92

Comment by -Ana-GOLD

you two always make my day!!! love it!!! awesome awesome job both of you!!!!


Comment by angel_luvs2000

wow what an awesome duet. you too got it going on more more loved it and pstt be his baby tonite great u too bravo.

wildmanbillyLEVEL 1

Comment by wildmanbilly

Great song here you two sound great very well done wtgggggggggggg

BarbieLynn65LEVEL 36

Comment by BarbieLynn65GOLD

LMAO i told 'em rocker LMAOOOOOOOO..thanks jewels..mauhhhhhh

Thanks Piv..:)

Psstt Angel he is jail bait..LMAO No thanks..LMAOOOOOOOO.thanks

Thanks Billy

CajunDlightLEVEL 42

Comment by CajunDlight

Love this duet..wtgoooooooooo Barbie & Jerome Love hearing 2 of my favorited people in a duet..nicely done you 2...Great song...

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SpudLEVEL 19

Comment by SpudGOLD

awesome job guys

mimi1212LEVEL 7

Comment by mimi1212

just fantastic u2 of course :)- always love the comments hee hee love the no and go home lol

JaneyLEVEL 67

Comment by JaneyGOLD

2 of the most enteraining people i know.. not too mantion fantastic singers. hahaha"typical man" you tell'em girl!!! hahahah "go home"" lmaoooo.. you're making me hurt now.. hahahaha

hunnie_angelLEVEL 82

Comment by hunnie_angelPATRON

LOL git him....AWESOME you 2...


Comment by vanidaduniversal

LMAOOOOO!! This was AWESOME YOU GUYS!!!! I so loved it!!!! WTG!!!! And hey Barbie I showed hubby all the comments on my song the one I put on comments box (I wanted to smack him upside the head) He just rolled eyes to me...lmao!!!!!

NextNashvilleStarLEVEL 10

Comment by NextNashvilleStar

Hey.... what a pleasant suprise this was! hehe... That's cool! This was totally awesome Barbie!!! hehe. I freakin love this song.. so much fun going on and the perfect duet partner!!!!! yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaw! :0)

NextNashvilleStarLEVEL 10

Comment by NextNashvilleStar

NO???????????/ hahahaha...