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Bring Him Home by Cinnamon1965

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Cinnamon1965 108 & Smoothblues99 64


Bring Him Home


from Les Miserables


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Cinnamon1965LEVEL 108

Recording information by Cinnamon1965SNAP-STAR

Thank you again Bob, for singing this in the original key, and then lower it for me,
and then lower it even more just to fit my voice.
I am so glad to sing this with you.

I have loved this song since I heard it back in 2011 and I sang it with my dear friend Freddy.
Singing it with you today, has helped me in my grieving of him being gone.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all your hard work.
I don't think you truly know how happy this made me
to sing this beautiful song with you, as a duet.

Love you Buddy

Smoothblues99LEVEL 64

Comment by Smoothblues99GOLD

If my singing can hit people emotionally, especially in a healing fashion, I am pleased. My goal in singing is to deliver smiles, laughs, tears and joy.
I will sing with you any time, any place. Thank you for your vocal gifts and vulnerable sensitivities. I know that they are real!! May you find peace and joy and great memories regarding Frederick. He would like that!!!

Bob C.

Cinnamon1965LEVEL 108

Comment by Cinnamon1965SNAP-STAR

Thank you Bob, that is very kind...