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A Little Bitty Tear by SingnSally

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SingnSally 65


A Little Bitty Tear


Burl Ives




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SingnSallyLEVEL 65

Recording information by SingnSallyGOLD

OPERATION ~ Audition Round

Team Charlie Horse

wellfieldLEVEL 69

Comment by wellfieldPATRON

Still hanging in here....hoping the recorder get up to par with 2021 technology.....Miss everyone...

Yes'...This is very' very' good Sally...actually,a perfect job and I can tell you know this song very well!!!....Campbell

njLEVEL 56

Comment by njGOLD

Having a Bob Dylan day today

Just as I remember it, my friend! And I have listened to it pretty much believe me
You sing this just perfect!
I Really like your voice.

bexiLEVEL 5

Comment by bexi

wow great voice! awsome sing

quichiLEVEL 9

Comment by quichi

what a lovely voice...simply amazing performance...goodluck:)


Comment by CarrieAngelGOLD

I've never heard this song before.... but you sure have wonderful vocals... and this was truly an enjoyable listen

MemphisBluesManLEVEL 44

Comment by MemphisBluesManGOLD

Fantastic sing my friend!!!
Top Notch Vocals here!!!
Good luck!!!

MemphisBluesManLEVEL 44

Comment by MemphisBluesManGOLD

Gotcha Flagged!!!

DefenseLEVEL 82

Comment by Defense

Very nice job on this classic tune!! Loved it a lot!

Hiker143BDLEVEL 22

Comment by Hiker143BDGOLD

You sound wonderful singing this! GL!

RedskinFanStickLEVEL 2

Comment by RedskinFanStick


Sssjim7LEVEL 103

Comment by Sssjim7SNAP-STAR

Yay! Finally a day off... I'm gonna sing! :)

Hey girl... great job on this!


Comment by J-P

Im glad I stopped by this sounds nice : )

ConnieSue321LEVEL 28

Comment by ConnieSue321

Gorgeous vocals here! Outstanding performance! xxx

Celine_rLEVEL 9

Comment by Celine_r

Beautiful and awesome singing...wonderful voice for a very nice song...
GOOD LUCK! Loved it...:)

canaBerniLEVEL 33

Comment by canaBerniGOLD

Oh my, love Burl Ives. Have not heard this one in a long while. Good job.

kinnahsdadLEVEL 28

Comment by kinnahsdad

Fantastic sing here, love it!!

DavidPittmanLEVEL 47

Comment by DavidPittman

Fantastic Sing and Performance. Sally GL

flashsback1LEVEL 33

Comment by flashsback1GOLD

This is fantastic! I never heard this one before. Lots of good luck! Dee

LittlehLEVEL 12

Comment by Littleh

this is great xxxx

strawb345LEVEL 9

Comment by strawb345

Great Job, I hope that you earned the golden ticket.