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I Saw The Light by Dannie777

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Dannie777 15


I Saw The Light


Todd Rundgren




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Dannie777LEVEL 15

Recording information by Dannie777GOLD

This is a song I always loved and am so happy SingSnap finally obtained this track.

I had minor surgery this morning, so I am a bit "out of it" and rather sleepy, but I wanted to relax by doing this song.

RinoLEVEL 22

Comment by Rino

What a great rendition. You sound anything but sleepy and out of it on this. I've been missing your singing. Hope everything is OK and you wake up feeling wide awake and refreshed in the morning.


Comment by smileyblueGOLD

Vraiment beau Danielle (*_*)

AnselindaLEVEL 3

Comment by AnselindaGOLD

Yes this is fantastic............very very nice sing and song..........truly enjoyed this one..........hugss Anselinda

cladnar5LEVEL 81

Comment by cladnar5GOLD

Well, I finally sang a song with this new SingSnap setup. And don't confuse that with me bragging.

I had free tickets back in 1975 to see a concert with Jethro Tull, Todd Rundgren, and Robin Trower. And my stupid band booked a job after I told them I could not play that night. I had to give my tickets away. Boy was I mad. Even to this day. lol But you know what? I won't be mad anymore because I'm getting a great concert here, right now. This is better than Todd, so what more do I need. This is really good. And you sure have a great sound for a built in mic in a cell phone hooked up to the toaster and then signaled to your lap top. lol This is one of your best sings kiddo. Perfect song for your style. Very impressive especially after being doped up after surgery. If you sing this well knocked out, do it everyday. lol Great job.


Comment by SuzieQ992-Reaper51GOLD

Good afternoon Danielle

I've always liked this song, such a happy beat..... and of course the great memories that go along with it when I hear it.....

Pretty vocals and lovely sound coming through my speakers this afternoon, what a wonderful cover! I hope you have been well and I enjoyed my visit very much

The originals are great to these songs but I much prefer hearing my friends sing their covers