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Where We'll Never Grow Old by Phyldill

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Phyldill 65 (harmony)


Where We'll Never Grow Old


Traditional Bluegrass




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PhyldillLEVEL 65

Comment by PhyldillGOLD

WELCOME TO PHYLHARMONICS with blackberry123)

Singing a wonderful old hymn with Ed who is singing lead and bass and I'm singing the other two harmony parts. I always enjoy singing with him and I hope listeners will find it a pleasant listen.


Comment by dotinlovelandGOLD

Finally got my first song sights confusing for us old!!!!!

hi Phyllis and ed...listening


Comment by dotinlovelandGOLD

Finally got my first song sights confusing for us old!!!!!

oh this is a new gospel song for me and sure am (LOVING) my!!!!! just listen to this *FANTASTIC* harmony and singing by you goodness this was sooooooo*BEAUTIFUL* phyllis and he sure has a great voice to sing with...what a wonderful listen this sunday night...hope you have a great week ahead …..hugsss and god bless you *****#1 heart for you both...."this was soooo purdy friends" and someday well never grow old...what a wonderful hope

blackberry123LEVEL 73

Comment by blackberry123PATRON

Thank you Phyllis, your harmonies are heavenly and right out of this world. I love it when you sing with me as you elevate my songs to a new and super level. God is so good to give us this medium to sing together even though we are many miles apart. Love how this one came together!!

Your forever friend in Jesus,
Hugs, EddyBear!!

concienceLEVEL 58

Comment by conciencePATRON

oh you both aced this performance its fantastic and I loved it so much its so beautiful cant get any better then this I loved it hugs **************************************

MarneyLEVEL 53

Comment by MarneyGOLD

This was so delightful to listen to Phyllis and Ed.
Your voices sound wonderful together.
I truly loved how you sounded.
Beautiful indeed!


Comment by TraksGOLD

Gotta love those fiddles. This is really pretty with Eds solo lead. And then all 4 of your harmonies. Wow!


Comment by TraksGOLD

Very enjoyable performance you two...I loved this!