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All I Want by rkingkaraoke

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rkingkaraoke 98 (harmony)


All I Want






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rkingkaraokeLEVEL 98

Recording information by rkingkaraokeSNAP-STAR

Shocktober Wk 2 - Miss Soundtrack.

During the Shocktober Kick-Off Party the unthinkable has happened. Our very own Mandyriffic was throttled by one of the Party-Go'ers! We have narrowed it down to four suspects and it is up to YOU to follow along each week, complete the challenges and then take a guess at who you think is the guilty party! This is one Shocktober you do not want to miss!

Week Two Token!

Each week you are participating to collect a token for that represents a suspect. The second token you are competing for is Miss Soundtrack!

Challenge Details:

This challenge consists of two parts. Both Part A and Part B must be completed. Read carefully!

Rockin Challenge Part A: You must sing any ROCK song from a Movie Soundtrack that is available to you on the website.

Rockin Challenge Part B: Recite the following line in your most DRAMATIC, BOOMING voice: It's Shocktober And I Wanna Rock!

Shockin Challenge Part A: You must sing any song from a Movie Soundtrack that is available to you on the website.

Shockin Challenge Part B: Recite the following line in your most SCARY AND FRIGHTENING voice: It's Shocktober And I Wanna Shock!

I took the Rockin' Challenge this week.
This wasn't my first choice of song...
but since someone already submitted the song I was going to do...
I thought I do something different. Been wanting to learn this one for a long time.

** For the record, I do have part B of this challenge recorded on this last track here.
But, I have this last track turned off now. I didn't like the way it sounded in this song. Sorry if you missed it, But it had to go! Wish I could remix the prior harmony track.

Song & Movie Trivia

Music video
The music video for the song was issued in 2 separate parts and was directed by Stevie Russell.

Oliver who is afflicted with a deformed face works in a company and is attracted to Mandy one of the co-workers, but she is cautious in developing any relation with him because of his deformity. In part 1 of the video, Oliver is bullied by three of his co-workers, who later on harass Mandy. But Oliver stands up for her pushing them back. Mandy warms up to this fellow because of his defense of her against the bullies. In part 2, Oliver forgets to wear his tie while going to work. He gets his tie but his dog slips through the open door and gets lost. The dog wanders the streets and also passes by a street band (Kodaline) performing. Oliver discovers the loss of his dog when he returns home and immediately goes on a hunt for finding his dog and Mandy helps him in printing the posters that he distributes all over the locality. He eventually finds his dog in a farm land outside his locality.

The director of the 2 videos Stevie Russel plays the main character Oliver with his love interest Mandy being played by Amy De Bhrún. The bullies are played by James Cosgrave, Tristan McConnell and Ciaran O'Grady

On a side note...
I'm shocked & sickened to see all the bullying & violence in the world today!
It saddens me! Life is short... Enjoy it! Be a Kind Human!
If you can't be Kind... Just Be Quiet!
Praying for all the angry & suffering people in the world!

Use in other media
The song was featured in "The Fault in Our Stars" movie soundtrack .
This was a GREAT Movie! But warning... Its a tearjerker! So have tissues ready.

Movie Plot
Hazel Grace Lancaster is a teenager, living in the suburbs of Indianapolis, who has thyroid cancer that has spread to her lungs. Believing she is depressed, her mother Frannie urges her to attend a weekly cancer patient support group. There Hazel meets Augustus "Gus" Waters, who lost a leg to bone cancer but has since apparently been in remission. The two bond over their hobbies and agree to read each other's favorite books. Gus gives Hazel Counter Insurgence, while Hazel recommends An Imperial Affliction, a novel about a cancer-stricken girl named Anna that parallels her own experience, but has an abrupt ending.

What is the main message in the Fault In Our Stars?
Gus teaches Hazel that every life should be a full life. He believes that everyone should leave a mark on the Earth. Augustus shows her that even if you won't live long, you can live an exciting and complete life.

see more at

The song was used in the pilot of the E! television show The Royals.

It was also featured in "Remember The Time", the second episode of the ninth season of Grey’s Anatomy, when Derek and Callie pull the plug on Mark, and Meredith's phone-call to Cristina.

The song was also used in the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries and the first season of 13 Reasons Why.

My Shocktober Playlist

Shocktober Week 1 ... Suspect... Professor Punk
Hotel California - Eagles

Shoctober Week 2... Suspect... Mrs Soundtrack
All I Want - Kodaline
This track here

Shocktober Week 3... Suspect... Reverend Groove
Dragula - Rob Zombie

I appreciate you stopping by. And as always... I value your time & comments. Ty!
I have to work all weekend... but I hope to catch up with you all early next week.
Stay Safe! & Hugs! Ruby