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Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire by oldnh12

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oldnh12 75


Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire


Christina Aguilera




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oldnh12LEVEL 75

Recording information by oldnh12SNAP-STAR

diditomicLEVEL 103

Comment by diditomicSNAP-STAR

Have a great week everyone! Happy Valentines Day

Awesome rendition Brenda! Happy holidays and a blessed 2020 to you

wranglerLEVEL 92

Comment by wranglerSNAP-STAR

sounding great on this great song brenda, i sure did enjoy it. great singing. 5********************************s hugs DON


Comment by Bjay1956

Love this golden oldie christmas favourite, sounding terrific on this upbeat versio, excellent Brenda, all the best, john

FinnPeterLEVEL 106

Comment by FinnPeterSNAP-STAR

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Very nice Brenda - Clapping!
I so enjoyed my listen - Lovely vocals all the way!
WTG on this great Christina Aguilera song - Loved it!
Great job my Dear - Merry Christmas to you!
Hugs, Peter

Jazzgirl115LEVEL 80

Comment by Jazzgirl115PATRON

--AItaliaBella--LEVEL 105

Comment by --AItaliaBella--GOLD

oh yeah! Brenda so this version I can imagine her footwork here putting on my dancing boots. Oh yeah! my care giver says this is good dance move for my cardio rehab.......One more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Annie

--AItaliaBella--LEVEL 105

Comment by --AItaliaBella--GOLD

One more time too fun with you this morning thanks again Brenda***************************************************************

--AItaliaBella--LEVEL 105

Comment by --AItaliaBella--GOLD

Still here**************************************************so much fun

--AItaliaBella--LEVEL 105

Comment by --AItaliaBella--GOLD

I better get out of here Ho! Ho! HO!

--AItaliaBella--LEVEL 105

Comment by --AItaliaBella--GOLD

You should hear you in my centralized lounge room...............................................................

cannotsing24LEVEL 109

Comment by cannotsing24SNAP-STAR

Hello Brenda,,,,,,,,,, Wishing you a Merry Christmas
and thanks for sharing this beautiful song
and your Awesome voice and rendition
hugs Shirley

TressesLEVEL 68

Comment by TressesGOLD

Beta...hmmmmmm, keep tryin'

Merry Christmas, Brenda..... such a great choice for song and what a beautiful sing!!!! All my ******************** and for you!!

LetaM2635LEVEL 49

Comment by LetaM2635GOLD

This is quite a unique rendition of this song. A beautiful song, beautiful singing as always. Enjoying my listen. TY.


Comment by DES_50GOLD

A Friend Knows The Song In My Heart And Sings It To Me When My Memory Fails

Great song choice and wonderful sing.
I really like this upbeat version of this
classic oldie. Beautifully sung. I have certainly
enjoyed my listen. Merry Christmas !!!


RainBoKatchrLEVEL 63

Comment by RainBoKatchrGOLD

Super duper sing of a fast-paced update to a Christmas classic, well done!

RockingTommy1950LEVEL 109

Comment by RockingTommy1950SNAP-STAR

My name is Tommy I live in South Africa, I am Married to Beverley, my love and inspiration.

Hello Brenda, a nice upbeat arrangement, nice and happy feeling, toes a tapping and smiling, you sound wonderful oh yes you do....ho ho ho......MERRY CHRISTMAS>>>>>Tommy

loverofmusikLEVEL 75

Comment by loverofmusikGOLD

Have A Safe & Enjoyable Weekend ????

Hello Brenda,
You got me rocking with you on this great song
I enjoyed this’s very much
The voice & singing was fantastic
Have a Merry Christmas

Lib #12

jeisLEVEL 87

Comment by jeisPATRON

Hi Brenda! Never heard this version before! A nice change up this is! I really enjoyed my listen very much! Great job! Love, ~Janie~ Merry Christmas!

alrusso58LEVEL 56

Comment by alrusso58GOLD

Great rendition, loved the beat, enjoyed my listen, AL.


Comment by DES_50GOLD

A Friend Knows The Song In My Heart And Sings It To Me When My Memory Fails

What a great musical version. Your sounding
simply wonderful. Loving the beat of this song.
Stellar performance my friend. Ty for your kind
comment on my song it was greatly appreciated.
Merry Christmas to you & yours!!