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The Story by agrabler

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The Story


Brandi Carlile




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My late wife, Teresa, and I loved this song since we heard Sara Ramirez sing it in the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy (season 7). She sang it one way in the show, and slightly differently as a single. You can hear the latter here (no visual spoilers for the show, either): Sara Ramirez - The Story (EP Single)

I sang it to T in the hospital a lot. And played Sara's version. She always smiled and nodded along even though she couldn't really sing it with me for nearly all of her time in the hospital (11/14/18 - 1/23/19).

I wished somehow that I could have recorded it with Sara for my Teresa. But finding any kind of make a wish style programs for adults is next to impossible. And she was so sure, despite how horrific things got because of medical ineptitude, she would still get better and get to go home.

Thoughts on my take?