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Forever Young by MyMusicalDream

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Forever Young


Alphaville Guitar Cover by Enyedi Sándor




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Merry Xmas and Happy New Singsnap Year !

This song was clearly conditioned by the nightmare of a nuclear war, the most tragic
event that could definitely upset the circle of life..
In the lyrics we find: “Let us die young or let us live forever,” and.. in the fundamental optimism of the generation which defies the possibility of nuclear annihilation (“Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?"). On the other hand, the sad fate awaits us all: “Sooner or later they will all be gone/ Why don’t they stay young?”
Directly after singing “I want to be forever young”, the singer asks, “Do you really want to live forever?”. However they might feel about it, the easiest path to immortality is to write a memorable song about it