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Hold Your Head Up by Koils

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Koils 103 (harmony)


Hold Your Head Up




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Never Ending Story - Duet sing with the always entertaining VitaminDee.

This is for the 2020 SingSnap Shocktober - Whodunnit - week two challenge - Miss Soundtrack. I'm doing the Rockin' Challenge so I had to say in my most most DRAMATIC, BOOMING voice: It's Shocktober And I Wanna Rock! Sorry, it's probably too late to tell you to turn your volume down at the start. LOL But turn it back up for the rest of this great Argent song from 1972.

The song I picked was supposed to be from a movie soundtrack and this song is on the Joe Dirt movie soundtrack so there you go.

Let's keep rockin' in the free world! Thanks to Novella and VitaminDee for the great video they did to introduce this weeks challenge. That was awesome ladies! And Dee you look great in orange and red!

For verification, here's the link to the audio only sing I did before I put the mask on:

Graphic by SS member KellyAnne4Peacee RIP KellyAnne - We miss you so much!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and listening!