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You Need To Calm Down (full bgv) by rkingkaraoke

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rkingkaraoke 98 (harmony)


You Need To Calm Down (full bgv)


Taylor Swift




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rkingkaraokeLEVEL 98

Recording information by rkingkaraokeSNAP-STAR

The Masked Snapper 1 ... Final Performance - The Revealing Of the Singers
My Hostess Contribution Song

Masked Snapper Performers Info & Clue Sheet

1)Masked Snapper Performer's Name...
Snap Cat...
(My secret surprise & Hostess Contribution song,
Just To see if anyone would recognize me. LOL )

2) Strengths...
9 Lives, The ability to bounce back when life throws me curve balls.

3) Weakness...
In that, I love them all & would adopt all the homeless ones if I could.

4) What makes you the character you chose in question 1?
I've had several life altering changes over the past few years. But with God's help I've been able to land back on my feet & start anew. Chose my name snap cat, for sing snap, & the fact that I was a cat. I thought it would be a fun play on words to throw in snap cat as a spoof on snap chat too. I also have the gift of gab & can be quite chatty at times.

5) What year did you join SingSnap?
I opened my account in 2013, but I didn't actually sing a song here until 2014

6) Why did you choose this song?
I like this song because it promotes love & equality for all people.
Also because It's one of my new favorite songs & I've been wanting to learn it.

7) Have you ever sang this song...
OR a song by this artist before?

I have sang songs by Taylor Swift before, But I learned this one for this contest.
And.. it tool forever to getting this down! Her words flow like mad vocal runs in this!
I think this song had me more tongue tied than any song I've ever done in my life!
However... that's what makes this song & Taylor Swift so Ultra Cool!

8) Name one of your favorite songs in your studio?
I have a couple I wrote that I like a lot, but I don't want to make it to easy for you here.
I'm really not sure, but one that comes to mind is "Help" by the Beatles

9) Who is your favorite singer or songwriter?
I have many, But Taylor Swift is definitely one of my top favorite singer songwriters!

10) There are several Personality Quizzes in the recording info area of our theme song. Choose one of the tests that interests you the most & take it. It shouldn't take but a few minutes. I do not need you to write out any answers... Just let us know ... Which Personality Test You Took... What it revealed about you & Do you agree with the results or not... & why?
I took them all. LOL Most of them said that I am outgoing, funny, loyal, a deep thinker, a leader, I'm creative, & a writer. I agree with all that. My magical being is an Elf, I find that kind of funny. lol However, I do love nature & I like being outdoors. The test that surprised me the most was the mental age one. It said that I am 15-19 HA! SO LMBO!!!

If you have any other clues you'd like to share with us...
Please tell us here. Ty.

I am not a morning person & I hate to fly! I do love cats, & have had several in my life,
but honestly, I've always been more of a dog person.

Btw... I made my crown out of a bunch of old jewelry & a broken Christmas ornament that I attached to a headband. It was very hard keeping it on that big cat head. I had to anchor it at the ears with ponytail holders & some long dangling earrings. I added lots of extras to my outfit too. I even painted some nails on the skeleton gloves.

I will also add... It was REALLY hard to breath under that mask. I thought I was going to hyperventilate & pass out before the song ended. I now know how hard it must be for the performers to sing under their elaborate costumes on the Tv show. And they even have stage lights on them. Mercy!!

I've added tons of great clues in this recording! So many, that I think I pretty much gave my identity away here?
But will shall see?

An added note from your Host...

I want to thank you all so much for the kind words about this contest & my Snap Cat Character I created for it. I honestly just wanted to sneak into this .. just to see if anyone would recognize me by my voice. So surprised by who I fooled & who I didn't. I thought for sure... with all the clues I threw out there, I would surely give myself away.

Not sure if anyone noticed or not... but some of my biggest clues were in my video here. One being the Rubies on my home made crown... & the Rubies scattered all over the table. Another big one was the Burger King Crown I held up & pointed to in the video. Then there was the lil skeleton dog... because many of you knew I had just lost my precious "Tiny" dog not so long ago. I also had some percussion instruments on the table, because some of you know I like to play drums. Then there was the guitar behind me... but I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned that I play a lil guitar to anyone here or not.. 'cause I'm not very good at that... the strings hurt my fingers so I rarely play it.

I left a couple other clues in the staging area... which btw... I threw together very quickly, using some dollar store tablecloths, that I'd pinned up all around me, in order to hide my room, desk & equipment... was a hat from my Robin Hood costume. I wore that costume in a contest I was in here when I first joined SS.. singing "Green Door." Next to that hat was my Mardi Gras Mask with feathers on it... I also wore that in a performance I did for a challenge... singing "People are Strange" several years back.

The other clues I left for you were on the contest thread... like the black cat typing. There were several other cat references I threw in along the way too... like The comedian talking about cats. Yep, the clues were many... though many didn't pick up on them. HA!!!

This has all been even more fun then I ever imagined it was going to be! I'm so glad to hear that you all felt the same way. Thank you all so much, for all of your kind & encouraging words. Your time & comments are valued & appreciated...As are you! Cheers to all of the Masked Snapper Performers... Who made this event, the success that is was! Ruby aka... Snap Cat!

rkingkaraokeLEVEL 98

Comment by rkingkaraokeSNAP-STAR

I can't believe that one of my duet partner's in chimes... Andy Hightones
& My Bestie Connie ImaChristian2... both who have said they'd know my voice anywhere...
Did not know this was me singing this song. Things that make you go HUH???

Several of you discovered me... But only after voting for me,
& Forcing me to identify myself when I had to tell you that I was ineligible to win...
& that you would need to choose someone else.
But Hey... you voted for me & that my day!! Ty! WHoot Whoot!

One of you actually fought for me, even after I said I was a mystery guest singer here.
She wrote me back & told me I was wrong, that she was not voting for the mystery singer
That she wanted the last one on the list Snap Cat singing ...You need to calm down.
That so cracked me up! She made me feel so special that she would fight for me like that.

I do appreciate all of your guesses, votes & the kind words of encouragement though!
So much so that I had to offer up and create a new bonus banner...
Just for all of you that voted for, or spotted me here. You all left me with a huge smile. Ty.

Oh I had fun, watching the guesses come in & reading why you all chose who you did.

I hope everyone has been having as much fun here as I have.
You all rocked the heck out of Snapland! Everyone here is a winner in my book!!!

Wishing everyone here the best... And Happiness Always! & Hugs, Ruby

singdeedeesingLEVEL 100

Comment by singdeedeesingGOLD

I had NO clue of WHO this was but, I loved the song and YOU made me want to try it. I still need more practice but, I gave it a shot. You were Sensational on it!!! It's a terrifficccc song that we ALL could take heed too indeed!!! We need MORE love!!

rkingkaraokeLEVEL 98

Comment by rkingkaraokeSNAP-STAR

I had NO clue of WHO this was but, I loved the song and YOU made me want to try it. I still need more practice but, I gave it a shot. You were Sensational on it!!! It's a terrifficccc song that we ALL could take heed too indeed!!! We need MORE love!!singdeedeesing

Ty, Deb,

This song took me FOREVER to get right. Those lyrics fly together so fast...
Its a Tongue Twister! But once you get them down... its oh so fun to sing!
And Thats why Taylor Swift is so darn cool too. She is a brilliant singer songwriter!
I love her writing style! I love the message in this song too & Agree with what you said.
Ty so much for the kind & encouraging words too. Very much Appreciated! & Hugs!

-SuzAnne-LEVEL 76

Comment by -SuzAnne-GOLD

Hi Ruby!
OMG! you sure had me fooled!
I LOVE this!!!
Taylor Swift songs are so tricky.. she is a great song-writer!
I like her better as a pop singer... even though I love country music...
This was incredible! I love your voice so much!!!
Thanks for fooling me!

DabrinaLEVEL 95

Comment by Dabrina

Yes my sweet dear Ruby oh my goodness this is so good I love love love it it's awesome I love Taylor Swift as you know I sang one of her songs too!! and you and I are buds we both think alike and I think we both like the same kind of songs and artists which is super cool and you did this song so so good!!! awesome !!! Really enjoyed this from you!!:) hugsss Dabrina:)

DabrinaLEVEL 95

Comment by Dabrina

I need to learn this one for sure next this is really cool love the cats and love the name Snap Cat!! so cool thanks again for hosting this awesome contest it was a blast and now finding out who's behind these masks is even funnier and crazier cuz I never would have guessed a lot of them but this one yeah you have a beautiful distinguishable voice that I love to listen to love you girlfriend and Merry Christmas Ruby!!:)


Comment by mi1s2a3GOLD

Seul celui qui ne fait jamais rien ne fait jamais de gaffe mais toute sa vie en est une.

NEVER would have guessed who you were!! I've listened to this song over and over again!!
You have one Unique voice!! Hope I will recognize you in the future
You did an outstandig performance on this fabulous song!!
I loved listening to you
Bravo!! For ALL that you did! YOu outdid yourself!!

jaderottie63LEVEL 88

Comment by jaderottie63GOLD

Ruby ISn't it funny I Did Guess this one
I haven't even really heard a lot of your singing to be honest
Which I intend to change by the way ....
When I do get on SS I am so obsessed with singing that i do NOT visit enough folks It's Ridiculous really..... When I do I love it soooo much >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I loved this sing and song from you & Taylor Swift .
Amazing Contest this was Ruby One of the Coolest yet I believe ....
Thanks for the hard work you Put in We all Love you for it ************************

ClarelolaLEVEL 83

Comment by ClarelolaPATRON

Well you got me!! I didn't even know you were putting a song in! I think I need to listen more closely to some of you lol! Improve my ear; either that or my research skills...

This was super - the whole performance, singing and set design. I should have clued in when I saw the set that it was you but my skull's too thick I guess.

Excellent stuff!! Loved it!

CountrybychoiceLEVEL 78

Comment by CountrybychoiceGOLD

The hostess with the mostess, well let me start by saying I thought this was one of the best performances here and I just loved the video and the song although it was new to me I knew the artist and I got hooked on it very quickly!!!!! So loved everything about this one my friend!!!!!! Standing O!!!!!!! BRAVO ~ Franklin


Comment by -CEZ-GOLD

hhahahah...i got you miss cute black cat lol
you are the one who took away one of my winners lol

wonderful done, i guess you know now how much i like it


Comment by ImaChristian2GOLD

I'm in a good place. Not emotionally or spiritually. Im in the barn with my horse.

LOL! Outstanding performance! I know that mask! oooOr don't I? But I was clueless to who you were. Or was I? LOL! LOL! Not sure if guessing my best friend on Singsnaps vocals wrong would have been too cool. LOL! Awesome contest Ruby! Truly one of the best on SS that I have seen! Bravo Sister friend!

VitaminDeeLEVEL 101

Comment by VitaminDeeGOLD

How goes it? Are you finding your way around 2.0? Would like an animated avatar? Send me a PM

This is like one of the best contests I've seen on here in a really long time

It was a joy to follow it

I figured if I wasn't well enough to enter it I can at least cheer from the sidelines

I had A-blast going through the playlists and looking at the clues and guessing

it was super exciting just to be part of the audience

Great job on this event

give yourself a high 5 and good job on your song

Love love love The scene, the staging and your cute Kitty cat costume

Best wishes and merry Christmas

FangalielLEVEL 68

Comment by FangalielPATRON

Oh! This is You Ruby !?!

Awesome !

It was a Great Adventure this contest loved every step of it !
You did a marvelous Job of organisation, creativity & management ! A real CEO for a Creative corp ! You're a very nice talented and smart woman - had to be to pull this one out like you did - A great pleasure participating in your contest !

Much Pootchies !

blue-nightingaleLEVEL 104

Comment by blue-nightingaleSNAP-STAR

Happy New Year to you all. God bless all the SS angels we have lost in 2020 may they RIP<3

Ruby, you little devil. I had no idea this was you lol

blue-nightingaleLEVEL 104

Comment by blue-nightingaleSNAP-STAR

Happy New Year to you all. God bless all the SS angels we have lost in 2020 may they RIP<3

The song is totally cool and you are the perfect person to introduce it to me

blue-nightingaleLEVEL 104

Comment by blue-nightingaleSNAP-STAR

Happy New Year to you all. God bless all the SS angels we have lost in 2020 may they RIP<3

I absolutely love your costume

You make a really cute kitty

blue-nightingaleLEVEL 104

Comment by blue-nightingaleSNAP-STAR

Happy New Year to you all. God bless all the SS angels we have lost in 2020 may they RIP<3

You sing this cool song like it was written for you, hugs and much applause Jackie

Mystical-EyesLEVEL 105

Comment by Mystical-EyesSNAP-STAR

I had seen on the thread that you had wanted to sing........... And once I heard this song.. I knew it was you... awesome singing on this song..***

HoneyKo032003LEVEL 29

Comment by HoneyKo032003

Loved my listen. Very creative. You nailed it. I love the little head tilt at the end! Way to go sis!! Congrats on the success of the Contest. The hard work really paid off, big time!!