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The Blackboard Of My Heart by denim_to_halos

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denim_to_halos 75


The Blackboard Of My Heart


Hank Thompson




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denim_to_halosLEVEL 75

Recording information by denim_to_halosGOLD

Hope you enjoy this one, Thanx for stop'n by, hope to see you again soon.

Nash-2LEVEL 62

Comment by Nash-2GOLD

You know many young people don't know what a blackboard is!
Now that is a sad song. TEXAS girl. Must be bad when that has to happen sure nough?
But them Texas girls don't really never give up. They get determined enough you better look out, they will lasso and hogtie you and throw you across the saddle and you're going were you never been before. Not talkin from personal experience though. I guess it would at least let a cowboy know he's wanted, specially wanted alive. It ain't necessarily so in El Paso though

SinginHuskerLEVEL 61

Comment by SinginHuskerPATRON

Well sung my friend. Fantastic ole tune. Enjoyed it!