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Where Was I by BonnieK4506

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BonnieK4506 97


Where Was I


Ricky Van Shelton




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BonnieK4506LEVEL 97

Recording information by BonnieK4506PATRON

February 14'th. My 5'th year here. It's been lots of fun! Amazing place this SingSnap!

I chose this song because it's one of my favorites to sing. I have done it 4 times on here, kind of like my Ricky Nelson hit, "Just A Little Too Much". Ricky Van Shelton was a lot of fun and I wish he was still singing instead of "retired", but we can't have everything.

DeerJohnLEVEL 98

Comment by DeerJohnGOLD

Awesome job on this! Enjoyed front row..good luck in your contest..John

PamelaJaneLEVEL 79

Comment by PamelaJaneGOLD

Beautiful vocal!

Enjoyed your video too! Very nicely done! Loved my listen tonight!
Awesome job!

Gl, pj

sheepdog31LEVEL 97

Comment by sheepdog31GOLD


Always well done , love the vid, George

MzCookie1LEVEL 59

Comment by MzCookie1

Evening Bonnie,

Hmmmm, I don't think I know this song....

You have such an amazing voice...

You are so very talented....

This is one of those songs that defy the listener to sit still....

I'm doing some chair dancing here.....

Lots of hip & shoulder action happening....

And you always do such an amazing job on anything that you sing....

Simply said... this was absolutely stupendous....

I absolutely loved my listen and now I'm off to hit your LIB

sylviapl65LEVEL 83

Comment by sylviapl65GOLD

what an awesome sing! so enjoyed my listen to you!******************************

hemiLEVEL 51

Comment by hemiGOLD

Hi Bonnie........... Great sing here!!!!!! Sounding fantastic !!!!!!!!!!! Nice......... Hemi

fifi47LEVEL 59

Comment by fifi47

awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee sing girl loved it gl

shirerifLEVEL 100

Comment by shirerifGOLD

You picked a good one for your fabulous vocal style. I loved watching and listening to you sing this Bonnie. You nailed it darlin'. I loved this from you. On my fav's playlist. Hugs


ArgentLEVEL 79

Comment by ArgentGOLD

Your best is yet to come.... be happy ??

Bonnie, you just keep pouring that concrete girl! Dang! This is pure country gold! I have never heard it before but your introduction sounds perfect! Radio ready!

-SuzAnne-LEVEL 76

Comment by -SuzAnne-GOLD

Boohoo!! my equipment is messed up and I can't record.... :(

Morning Bonnie!
So good hearing you this morning.... loving this upbeat song to get me going!
One of favs by you... loving every minute!

lindy_annLEVEL 94

Comment by lindy_annGOLD

In a world full of Roses, be a Sunflower ??

Here listening

lindy_annLEVEL 94

Comment by lindy_annGOLD

In a world full of Roses, be a Sunflower ??

Sounding awesome in your studio this morning. Great song choice and vocal delivery.

Enjoyed my listen
Have a great day

FinnPeterLEVEL 106

Comment by FinnPeterSNAP-STAR

Singers From Afar Club - Get More Listens - Welcome!

Sing it Bonnie - Clapping!
I sure enjoyed my listen - Lovely vocals this end!
WTG on this great Ricky Van Shelton song - Loved it!
Great job Sweetie - Hugs, Peter

RockingTommy1950LEVEL 109

Comment by RockingTommy1950SNAP-STAR

My name is Tommy I live in South Africa, I am Married to Beverley, my love and inspiration.

Gees Bonnie riding horses .....pouring concrete......singing..... talking about being multi picked a great song.....awesome beat....stunning attitude, loving this to pieces ...woooooo>>>>>Tommy

Debbs2012LEVEL 68

Comment by Debbs2012GOLD

Wow! This is definitely a song for you! Awesome performance!! I totally loved this!!
I will be listening to this again!


Comment by HONEY65GOLD

I am feeling much better now. Thanks to all my friends for your prayers.May God Bless each one !!!!

Listening Bonnie,


Comment by HONEY65GOLD

I am feeling much better now. Thanks to all my friends for your prayers.May God Bless each one !!!!

Loving me some RVS today... He is one of my favorite male artists. You picked a great song and you did an outstanding sing. Loving my listen today. it button hit.

TonyfromLutonLEVEL 71

Comment by TonyfromLutonGOLD

Always look on the bright side of life !...If I was a horse i'd be freekin' SHOT !!!

Hi Bonnie...Whew, what ever you are on...can you bottle it and send me some ?
All that work, and time to knock out a big hit from your studio ! Absolutely LOVED it,

countryfan1959LEVEL 65

Comment by countryfan1959GOLD

Hey Bonnie! Great song choice!! You sound fantastic!!!! Loved my listen!



Hi there You're so pretty and wow what a voice....and a great smile! This is very entertaining!!! Loved it !!!! New song for me but I sure will be listening for it now! Great sing girl! Good luck!!! Hugs, Jeanie