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One Night In Bangkok by Butterfly_Angelstars

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One Night In Bangkok


Murray Head





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When you’re happy... You enjoy the music... When you’re sad... You understand the lyrics.

One Night in Bangkok

Shockin Challenge Part A: You must sing any song from a Movie Soundtrack that is available to you on the website. If you already know what song you would like to sing and would like it featured, you can request it here!

Shockin Challenge Part B: Recite the following line in your most SCARY AND FRIGHTENING voice: It's Shocktober And I Wanna Shock!

An exciting venture to the unknown, awaits you in Bangkok. A place where anything is about to happen. A world that film has visited in 2007 with non-other than an appearance by "Mike Tyson" who sings the cover song...and again, in 2020 as a thriller. Could something cynical have taken place there?

I want to "shock you"! Happy "Shocktober"!