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Blue Ain't Your Color by Muskokagirl

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Muskokagirl 64 (harmony)


Blue Ain't Your Color


Keith Urban




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Stoney_RoadsLEVEL 66

Comment by Stoney_RoadsPATRON

Very nice job singing this tricky KU song. I love this song and you did a great job on it. Hope it is not too early to comment! Great Job, love this!!

RachelRae8LEVEL 111

Comment by RachelRae8SNAP-STAR

Mornin' Sue!..

This is my boss' ring tone on her cell phone so I hear at least part of the chorus all the time!

I only listen to current radio on Fridays when we get our delivery and hear it occasionally then... most new songs, I usually hear Snappers sing it!..

You sounded wonderful here on this tricky phrasing number!

..always enjoy hearin' your sweet voice my friend!..

Have a beautiful day/week!..


jmichaelw4638LEVEL 75

Comment by jmichaelw4638GOLD

Love it my friend

countryfan1959LEVEL 65

Comment by countryfan1959GOLD

Hey Sue! You sang this beautifully! Loved my listen!

CazManiaLEVEL 101

Comment by CazManiaSNAP-STAR

Hi Sue

CazManiaLEVEL 101

Comment by CazManiaSNAP-STAR

This song is soo tricky I am not sure I would attempt it! LOL...

You on the other hand have totally nailed it!!!...

That was beautiful Sue!!!....

I LOVED every word from you!!...


sjb9031LEVEL 67

Comment by sjb9031PATRON