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That's The Way Love Goes by Glesgaman

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Glesgaman & janni---- 69


That's The Way Love Goes


Merle Haggard


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Recording information by GlesgamanGOLD

Just had to join one of my longtime SS friends, on this one. Janice and I go way fact all the way back to the Emerald Isle , through lineage. lol

Hope you don't mind my croaky voice hon big hugs Jimmy

amarieLEVEL 82

Comment by amarieGOLD

Slowly getting used to the new site and how to get around on it.

This is a lovely song. Jimmy, you sound just fine! Wonderful singing from the both of you. I enjoyed this!

janni----LEVEL 69

Comment by janni----GOLD

Hello Jimmy,

Thank you so very much for joining me in this song.

I hope you don't mind that I put a link to this song on the original recording as well.

As I stated on my page, I do not think that many folks on SingSnap, or any other site, could match your beautiful harmonies. And I meant that for ANY song that you decide to lend your beautiful voice.

As far as this little song goes, your harmonies have added depth and character making this recording sound to the ears what they eyes see in 3d.

Hugs to you my dear friend.