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Feel Like Makin' Love by Darladebae

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Darladebae 78 & DonikaAnn 36


Feel Like Makin' Love


Kid Rock




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DarladebaeLEVEL 78

Recording information by DarladebaeGOLD

a duet with my friend Ann... hope you dont mind... you rawked this one girl and I wanted to rock out with you... thanks for stopping by ~ Deb

DonikaAnnLEVEL 36

Comment by DonikaAnn

Oh Yippeee I'm like a kid in a candy store waiting to hear

DonikaAnnLEVEL 36

Comment by DonikaAnn

Having such a great singing day today and this is for sure the whipped cream and cherry on top of that hot fudge sundae

DonikaAnnLEVEL 36

Comment by DonikaAnn

Oh you have to put this on the HIGHWAY DEB...... You so are gifted to harmonize.....

DonikaAnnLEVEL 36

Comment by DonikaAnn

Deja will loooove this!!!!!!!

DonikaAnnLEVEL 36

Comment by DonikaAnn

Maybe one of the guys can add a lower sound to this also :+) What a brilliant idea you had to harmonize this WOW!!!!
Thank You, Thank You!!!

fretspydrLEVEL 5

Comment by fretspydr

outstanding you two
awesome sing and duet

rockin it out like ya mean it
OW...... well done


DejaHereLEVEL 57

Comment by DejaHereGOLD

Wow..what a combination in sound and intensity.!!!

This is so extremely impressive and darn .. soooo freaking interesting..entertaining....for sure.

You two...wowowowoowowow More please


eddie2LEVEL 1

Comment by eddie2

i'm kinda in the mood,too!!lol--well done,eddie

DonikaAnnLEVEL 36

Comment by DonikaAnn

Had to come back and listen to this one TOO!! :+)