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The Look by Seldy-Shelly

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Seldy-Shelly 71 & Nbound


The Look






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Seldy-ShellyLEVEL 71

Recording information by Seldy-ShellyGOLD

My day turned unexpectedly sing worthy.
so here it is.
As I was practicing this, I realized I'd never really sung along with much with this song. I always just enjoyed the heck out of it listening.


Comment by Nbound

Ohhh yeahhh ...,


Comment by Nbound

Are you kidding me Shelley !!
This was fantastic... your harmonies are always spot on , so good this was !

Loved my listen and Thank You.


Comment by The_BaldHuskerGOLD

If I hadn't been gifted a year's subscription, I'd be gone. The new recorder sucks!

This is probably my favorite pop song from the 80s.

You both did an amazing job on this tune.


Comment by -DJ-GOLD

oh this is just spot on for Harmony
beautifully done by you both
made a great listen

Julie_DavisLEVEL 80

Comment by Julie_DavisGOLD

God Bless & God Help America.

This is FABULOUS, Shelley!!!!

BurkjrLEVEL 78

Comment by BurkjrGOLD

I saw the title and the artist, and HAD to hear this...

BurkjrLEVEL 78

Comment by BurkjrGOLD

Your never cease to AMAZE me! ROXETTE! And MAN! Did he do a fantastic job on this song! I swear, I never know what to expect from you Shelly! Except sheer absolute perfection! I L ve Love LOVED THAT!

bdialmediaLEVEL 58

Comment by bdialmediaGOLD

Survived Uri. No Electricity for 3 1/2 days. No water the past 3. Missed signing this past week.

WOW! Awesome!