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Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Jenny

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Can You Feel The Love Tonight


The Lion King (Disney)




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Recording information by JennyGOLD

EAW CHALLENGE ...Glory Box Thingy Theme

waltkoLEVEL 53

Comment by waltkoGOLD

Well lets see now it's morning here so I'm guessing it's early evening there so good evening Jenny

waltkoLEVEL 53

Comment by waltkoGOLD

This song is certainly worthy of the time capsule , first it's by Sir Elton and second it's sung by you my friend , and beautifully

-Tas-LEVEL 71

Comment by -Tas-GOLD

Shoot for the stars

oh myyyyyyyy this was so outstanding from you jenny...loved this one


Comment by FrankCNYGOLD

Certainly I can feel the love and you always have lots to share....HUUGGSSSS!!!! Love this song!!!


Comment by fofunGOLD

Hi there Jenny So good to catch you once again, I just miss you all so much..this is beautiful, I'm singing along..leasts the parts I k,now


Comment by Steve1492

Probably my favorite Elton John song. Fine job Jenny.


Comment by DennyPAGOLD

Jenny, what a truly beautiful touch you've put on this great song! It is also one of my favorite EJ songs. You have such a lovely voice - perfect for these wonderful notes!


Comment by CerebraljamGOLD

Oh how I love this song too. Many a peaceful night I've relaxed listening to it. Love the film too. 'Pinned ya!' And the tearful night scene of his father... sighhh.

This is gorgeous, Jenny... you got me swaying.


Comment by CerebraljamGOLD

Beautiful... a perfect lullaby


Comment by jazztrumpetGOLD

Well Jenny, your love for this song, surely shows in your performance of it. Beautifully sung. Thanks for sharing, and putting such a beautiful song in the glory box.

kikiLEVEL 26

Comment by kiki

Hi Jenny,
nice song to end the evening...
sounding wonderful and really enjoyed listening to your version!

-Bev-LEVEL 108

Comment by -Bev-SNAP-STAR

Come and join us on Friday on the 'What's Your Passion' Challenge

Awww Jenny this is a LOVELY choice for the Glory Box... I love this song...a gorgeous sing here hun....BEAUTIFULLY sung I simply loved listening to your performance sweetheart



werewoofLEVEL 37

Comment by werewoofGOLD

This is awesome Jenny!!


werewoofLEVEL 37

Comment by werewoofGOLD

I think this might be one of my favorite songs by you !


SunCitySandyLEVEL 38

Comment by SunCitySandyGOLD

Beautiful singing, Jenny. So glad I stopped by to listen.


scarletwitch36LEVEL 98

Comment by scarletwitch36GOLD

Very lovely sing, always liked this song


Comment by ThefemalephantomGOLD

Hoping Everyone is Okay and Covid Free

That was just so lovely xxxxxx

nightsongsLEVEL 99

Comment by nightsongsGOLD

beautifully done Jenny with truely lovely vocals. love the expression in your singing. WONDERFUL my friend. enjoyed listening to you.