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Run To The Hills by RainBoKatchr

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RainBoKatchr 63


Run To The Hills


Iron Maiden




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CottoncandygalLEVEL 75

Comment by CottoncandygalGOLD

Autumn is here! ;(Sang DED for Gene; and DED to my own daughter today!)27th; + 1 & 2 new.28th


..............running to my seat!!!!!!!!!!!

newbie to me here

Guess this is about American Indians?;and all the strife in past years !

Bringing out of music box today !!

Lively song and sing*****************love it!CC

debra57LEVEL 108

Comment by debra57SNAP-STAR

hi my sweet friend....oh yes I loved this a much truth in this song....thanks for introducing me to this sang the fire out of this tune.....outstanding performance.....I loved it.... hugs~deb

oldnh12LEVEL 75

Comment by oldnh12SNAP-STAR

Hello David!
Waking up to this rocking song.
Well done David!
Rock on my friend!
Hugs and God bless!

sweetsuejustyouLEVEL 85

Comment by sweetsuejustyouGOLD

Travelling on Route 66 with Steve:

Hmmm, didn't our Tommy-rocker record this same song the other day? Well you sure are giving him a run for his money with your own rockin' rendition, Dave.


Comment by Bjay1956

No running away to the hills from this great song, sounding terrifc Dave, enjoying it, all the best, john

Bill_WolfsongLEVEL 83

Comment by Bill_WolfsongGOLD


Comment by BIFFOGOLD

Greattttt Sing Dave . Rocking it up Have a great day !

RockingTommy1950LEVEL 109

Comment by RockingTommy1950SNAP-STAR

My name is Tommy I live in South Africa, I am Married to Beverley, my love and inspiration.

Hi Dave, did this yesterday, it rocks, well done pal, very much enjoyed>>>>>Tommy

Jazzgirl115LEVEL 80

Comment by Jazzgirl115PATRON

Hi Dave...
What a tearjerker song...
But with your unique voice you made shine to the top.
I get emotional and cries about everything!
Great sing and wonderful listen!

JohnTexasLEVEL 76

Comment by JohnTexasGOLD

It is great to be back hope to drop off a song in awhile , pray all is well

Hi Dave,
listening here

JohnTexasLEVEL 76

Comment by JohnTexasGOLD

It is great to be back hope to drop off a song in awhile , pray all is well

wow, wow and wow this was way over the top, loved it, super song and singing, always my pleasure, have a blessed day
John loved it LIB # 8

jc4u-ComfortSoundsLEVEL 105

Comment by jc4u-ComfortSoundsSNAP-STAR

"Peace I leave with you; not as the world gives.Let not your heart be troubled/afraid.John14:27<><xo

Hi, Dave, listening. . . . what a powerful song and sing;
loved it! Have a blessed day/evening!